The sword of Jerusalem will never be sheathed

The sword of Jerusalem will never be sheathed


Ahmed Almudallal


Great sacrifices made by the Palestinian people unimaginable to human mind since the beginning of the conspiracy against them in the early twentieth century until they are displaced from their land and replace a historical enemy that the Islamic nation knows well, Since the first state of Islam in Medina under the leadership of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and to this day, It preserves its features through the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet, This occupation does not resemble the historical occupations that we have read about, It came a complex occupation after two hundred years of Western colonialism that changed the features of the Arab and Islamic nation as it wanted.
This colonialism has faced the revolutions of the peoples who were abused for the sake of their freedom, but he was able after feeling the difficulty of staying with his armies on their lands and in front of the will of the peoples to rent the harvest – their revolutions and victories – in his favor through men and systems made on his eye – have nothing to do with the faith of the peoples or their culture or history and do not express their hopes and the West has breastfed them the milk of his ideas and culture became the role of these ruling leaders does not exceed being agents of colonialism, which did not come out in fact, but wanted to reduce of the cost of its occupation.


Besides installing regimes that are alien to the nation, Colonialism planted a cancerous gland in the heart of the Arab and Islamic world (the Jewish entity) to devote the subordination of regimes to the West and the fragmentation of the Arab world according to the Sykes-Picot agreement into countries with borders, cultures, systems and policies different from each other while feeding border conflicts between these countries and then we saw how the fragmented was fragmented and divided to become the Arab world warring states geographically, ideologically, politically and militarily do not know stability, Indeed, the Zionist entity becomes a friendly state to some ruling regimes that are working hard to stabilize its pillars and stand in the face of any Arab renaissance facing this entity and trim the nails of any resistance that seeks to liberate Palestine. The free Arabs could not do anything for Palestine because of the regimes’ ruthless repression of them.

Follow in the sword of Jerusalem will never sheath

The Palestinians fell between the hammer of the occupation that practiced all forms of crimes that humanity condemns against them, And the oak of the ruling regimes is a creation of the West, which tightened the noose on them, besieged them, and tried to make their people aware of the rejection of the Palestinian terrorist, The nation was resigned and submitted to its fate, although there was a sentimental feeling towards Palestine by rejecting the Zionist crimes against the Palestinian people, this refusal did not exceed the issuance of statements of condemnation and condemnation that do not affect the occupation in anything.
Despite all that, the Palestinian did not lose his compass and continued to hope for freedom, the restoration of rights and the return of the nation to its senses so that Palestine would be its central cause. The will of the Palestinian people was not broken and the options of confrontation and its tools were not lacking in uprisings and popular demonstrations, stone and knife, and then these tools evolved into bullets, guns, martyrdom operations and rockets manufactured by the mujahideen with their own hands.
Rather, the Palestinian did not fail to sustain the clash with the heavily armed occupation army, which America and the West wanted to be the strongest armies in the region, so they provided it with all the material, political and military support it needs in order to maintain its superiority in the face of any challenge to it in the Arab region or any change to any regime around it, which does not secure the peoples.
Since the existence of the Zionist occupation and to this day, no regime or force has been able to defeat the occupation army, which occupied Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem in 1967 within a few hours and committed crimes against the Palestinian people and against many of the peoples of the region. As confirmed by historians and military experts that the only war in which the occupation was defeated, the October 1973 war, was nothing but a tactical or kinetic war that Sadat wanted as a bridge to conclude a peace agreement with the occupation state, which is the first that an Arab president dares to do and he called himself “the hero of war and peace.”
Yes, throughout the life of the occupation, the occupation penetrated into the Palestinian blood, despite the Oslo Accords in 1993, which recognized the Zionist enemy as legitimate on 78% of the land of Palestine, but the occupation continued its crimes, theft of land and Judaization. And the Palestinian people are boiling with their uprisings, And his resistance accumulated on its strength despite the siege and starvation and the people have exceeded all their pain and tragedies that increased with the passage of time to rise stronger than it was and rise again to fight battle after battle until the battle of “Sword of Jerusalem” came, which confirmed the greatness of the resistance and did not expect the Zionist enemy devastating effects on him.


The Chief of Staff of the Zionist army, Aviv Kochavi, developed his plan, known as “Tnuva”, which stipulates that the battle will be decided in the first strike, 50% of the resistance capabilities are destroyed and three hundred fighters are killed daily, provided that the days of confrontation are not prolonged. because it does not withstand a long duration of battle, and make gains through the assassination of prominent figures, and the destruction of resistance sites).


The surprise was that Kochavi’s plan was turned upside down when the resistance launched the first strike in the evening in the sky of Jerusalem to deter extremists who gathered in tens of thousands to storm Al-Aqsa Mosque, followed by the second strike, the Kornet missile, which hit the Zionist intelligence pocket on the border with Gaza, killing and the resistance took the reins of the battle, which shocked the enemy leaders who could not comprehend what happened and did not move the strongest army in the region and in front of the equipment of the superior resistance moved the American F-35 planes with its destructive missiles.
It did not find targets in front of it except towers and residential buildings that they destroyed on the heads of children, women, the elderly, people with disabilities, roads and institutions, which confirmed the beginning of the defeat, which rolled day after day in front of the severity of the strikes of the Saraya, Qassam and the resistance forces, which confirmed the unity of the field.


The battle of the sword of Jerusalem was ignited to restore Jerusalem to its place in the hearts of the nation and the capitals came out angry at the of occupation and its crimes, Cheering for the resistance and demanding the liberation of Jerusalem, The Palestinian cause returned to the global forefront again and the international and regional parties began to move towards Palestine and its resistance stock in Gaza and the US administration pronounces for the first time on the tongue of its president the word (Palestine) and the most important is the unity of the Palestinian field action in Gaza, the West Bank, Jerusalem, the 48th and the diaspora and rallying around the resistance even those who opposed it before.
Netanyahu is trying to end the battle and is trying to pick up a victory badge to rehabilitate himself in crisis, so he found nothing but defeat that engulfed him and the staff of his army, who did not hesitate to refuse to enter into a ground war whose results they know well, which is more defeat, collapse and captured soldiers, His dreams of staying in power have faded as have the Zionists’ dreams of a safe life.
Thus, the battle of the Sword of Jerusalem restored confidence to all our people and in all their places of certainty in the inevitability of victory. Even if there is a truce, this does not mean that the battle of the sword of Jerusalem is over, on the contrary, the battle is ongoing and the sword of Jerusalem will never be sheathed until the occupation is defeated from our Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa and Palestine, all of Palestine….

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