The importance of converting various books into e-books

The importance of converting various books into e-books


By Farah Al-Dada


E-books have spread recently after the recent technological renaissance, which resulted in the development of many means and supplies necessary in life, the most prominent of which were books.


What is meant by the term e-books?


These books are defined as those texts similar to paper books that are produced, published and then kept on the computer so that the individual can read them at the time he wants through e-book readers or without the help of them.


When was the e-book invented?


The first e-book produced and saved on a computer was the book The Gothenburg Project by Michel Hurt in the early seventies.
Then start implementing these various projects to copy paper books on computers and keep them, Or write a new e-book.


What are the most prominent advantages of e-books?


E-books have spread after being popularized by reading lovers around the world, Due to the availability of a number of advantages in it, the most prominent of which are the following:


  • It is easy for an individual to obtain an e-book.
  • E-books are easy to transport, An individual can transfer a large book by downloading it to their smartphone.
  • Easy reading through the individual’s device.
  • The possibility of displaying e-books to students in scientific halls to clarify the material that is taught to them.
  • The e-book can contain a lot of means such as pictures and various drawings, which help more to consolidate the information in the mind of the individual.


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Why is converting paper books into e-books important?


Many of those interested in books seek to convert paper books to electronic ones for a number of reasons, which we mention as follows:


E-books are always available:


An individual may find it difficult to obtain a paper book if he does not have it. But e-books are available to read at the time an individual wants. It is also available to acquire at the time you want.


Greater profit:


An individual can sell millions of digital books without running out of those books, Therefore, selling books electronically is more profitable compared to the costs that an individual needs to print a new batch of books after they run out.


Get fast translation to different languages:


Sometimes some may need to have a book translated into several different languages, which paper books do not allow, As for e-books, it is easy to copy the text that an individual wants and translate it into the language they want in record time.


The price of e-books is not high:


Paper books nowadays need high costs as a result of consuming a lot of ink, paper, etc. As for e-books, they may require low costs and some of them are offered for free download.


Save from loss:


An individual can obtain a copy of his e-book if it is damaged, deleted or lost by contacting the Digital Rights Department.


Easier to publish:


Publishing digital books is easier than publishing and distributing paper books, and e-books can reach that spot in the world without the constraints of complex geography.


Summary of this article, which dealt with talking about e-books by clarifying the most prominent advantages of e-books and mentioning the reasons that make converting paper books to electronic important, We hope that you will find in this article all the information you need to know about e-books.


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