PLO Series

PLO Series


Lecture No. (1):

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PLO series in 1936-4, The patriots met in Nablus, Demanding a comprehensive and open strike and the establishment of a national committee that called for the establishment of a national committee in all Palestinian cities, The party then collapsed and met with the National Committee at a popular meeting of the elite Palestinian people. As a result, The Arab High Commission, which assumed the leadership of the Palestinian people, She managed the famous strikes and the Great Revolution, It was recognized by the British occupation authorities, It was founded and dissolved in 1938. However, After World War II, After the establishment of the Arab League under the name “Arab Higher Institution” in 1946, Resumed its activities. In 1947, He was invited by the United Nations to attend a session to discuss the Palestinian issue and the partition plan.


Lecture No. (2):

Palestinian National Council: It is the supreme authority of the Palestine Liberation Organization that sets its policies, plans and programs, and the Palestinian parliament, which includes representatives of extremist Palestinian factions, and people’s unions, and representatives of the Palestine Liberation Army, And independent personalities with abilities and abilities. The 1968-7 PNC 4 was the first session in which Palestinian fedayeen participated on the front lines, Then the next session was used as such, With some changes in the ratio of representatives of each of these factions, representatives of the General Union and independents.

The number of members of the Council has been steadily increasing, While the number of members of the Council representing the factions is officially established, The factions, especially Fatah, compensated for their need to have a majority of votes in the Council, the introduction of independents in relatively large and ever-increasing numbers, With the increase in the shares of popular organizations, such as the Union of Students, Workers, Women, Writers, Teachers and the Red Crescent.


Lecture No. (3):


The Palestinian cause is a political issue par excellence, How did the PLO and its leadership deal with the Palestinian issue?

Fatah’s weight in the PLO’s leadership bodies had a major influence on all decisions related to the Palestinian cause. It can even be said that it was Fatah that charted the course of the PLO since its entry and control of the PNC in 1968.

Since Fatah entered the new composition of the National Council in 1968, its influence has increased through its presence in independents and popular unions.