Why Leadership Education?

Why Leadership Education?



By Dr. Hussam Eddin Refaat Herzallah



Educational institutions and academies are moving towards the application of the concept of leadership education, especially as many of them have fought towards the development of leadership traits and skills, but they have become convinced of the comprehensiveness of education in all aspects of personality, and this is what prompted many educational researchers to search towards leadership education and ask all institutions to adopt leadership education that emerges from an Islamic perspective for several reasons, including:



  • Islam is a creed and a law, worship and leadership, Administration and system, Careful planning and execution, All these qualities were manifested in the upbringing of the greatest leader, the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, Leadership education is essential for young people, Every person is born with leadership qualities that either appear or disappear and this is up to the family and society, Leadership is an art and a science, and research has proven that the percentage of leadership by learning reaches 98%, this means that we need leadership education emanating from the teachings of the great Islam by the family and community institutions, as the presence of inherited faculties without training and development goes to waste, This is evident in the hadith of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) that people are like a hundred camels in which you will not find a departed woman (Bukhari and Muslim).


  • Islamic Ummah Today it suffers from a crisis of backwardness in everything in values, morals, thought, culture, politics and economy, as well as in the ways of living and the rest of the aspects of life, as well as the existence of a crisis sensing a few who feel the weight of leadership and the honesty of responsibility and that negligence or negligence or negligence is a betrayal of God Almighty and His Messenger even to the nation for the sum of its members and the righteous predecessors, may God be pleased with them, were aware of the greatness of honesty and the danger of responsibility, so they are dedicated to serving the nation and making its members happy, yet they accuse themselves of negligence as well as a crisis Poor performance as a result of a number of mood and cognitive variables, moral motivation, and cultural for the leader.


  • Is there a crisis in leadership education? Yes, because we lose the principal, teacher, worker, doctor and distinguished preacher, as well as the absence of honesty in its full sense, which led to the poor performance of the leader, so we need leadership education.


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  • Leadership education works to build the human being in all aspects of his personality in a balanced manner, contributing to the leadership of his nation and not only his society for the good of his world and the hereafter so that we are the best of all nations and the words of God Almighty are realized in us, “You were the best nation that went out to people to command good and forbid evil and believe in God, and if the People of the Book believed, it would have been good for them, including the believers and most of them are immoral” (Al-Imran: 110).


  • Because the role of educational institutions represented in the school is still weak in developing values and leadership skills as a result of the weakness of educational courses and activities in providing students with values, knowledge, attitudes and leadership skills.


  • It is not enough in the age of advanced science and technology for a leader to possess leadership qualities or leadership charisma, and it is not reasonable for a person who is not educated enough to assume leadership levels who does not know the necessary extent about the nature of the times, the economy of the age and the promising possibilities for the future.
  • Muslims today are in a state of leadership crisis losing an Islamic leader who adheres to Islamic values and law on a widespread scale, starting from home life to a wider scale, and the nation is in the grip of individual leaders, far from collective leaders that are characterized by Shura in the exercise of their leadership.


  • Because every person beyond childhood spends three hours awake in collective work and moves in a succession of collective efforts in stadiums, institutions and places of worship, There is also a kind of isolation among individuals in the community, With the multiplicity of colors and trends of the group, the importance of leadership education in addressing isolationism, selfishness, showmanship and all unwanted behavioral manifestations emerges here. Efforts are also directed to achieve goals.


  • Because modern schools of trait theory considered individuals to develop leadership qualities after they once believed that leaders are born and not made.


  • Because efforts are recently moving towards leadership education to build a right behavior, it includes dimensions that overlap with each other, and quality education is capable of communicating with developments and developments related to various fields.


  • Because leadership education is one of the most prominent trends that must be followed by educational institutions through the development of aspects of the individual’s personality, and because leadership education is close to the example, where we find that most leaders were influenced by models present in their society that they were positively affected by, And because it is the job of an educational incubator that needs a long and systematic process for the goal of having a project that is a leader not only for his community but for a nation waiting for its glory.


  • Because in recent years, sincere efforts have emerged in the field of rooting the social sciences with the aim of returning and crystallizing them to their Islamic origins to preserve their Islamic identity and abolish Western dependency because the issue of rooting aims to reshape the Muslim mind through a set of basic concepts on which the Islamic cognitive system is based. Concepts constitute in themselves a methodological aspect that must be emphasized by highlighting the concept according to its requirements and strips based on what was stated in the Qur’an and Sunnah, and we cannot talk about educational science Islamic or Islamic rooting of science unless we build educational concepts according to the curriculum of Islam so that they bear fruit and we get the unique Islamic man and society.


  • Today, the Corona pandemic has changed the reality of the world politically, economically and socially and has greatly affected all systems of public institutions, especially educational institutions, so it requires leaders who are able to rise and keep pace with this change in line with the features of the new future, as leadership education has a role in making what we seek from change leaders.


  • Because the characteristics of the educational curriculum under Islamic thought, the curriculum is balanced, flexible and adjustable, Comprehensive integrated human education, The curriculum is characterized by stability so that it is derived from the constants of the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet. The curricula are built according to certain scientific characteristics, And the interdependence and unity of knowledge sensually, mentally and spiritually, And relying on experience, which is the basis of building man and society, It takes into account learners’ readiness and individual differences.


The educational curriculum is the tongue of education responsible for achieving its goals and contents, which looks at what is happening in the world to expose generations to a cultural and technological invasion to export Western values that we must confront through the authentic Islamic curriculum.

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