The five most famous coastal tourist sites in Egypt

The five most famous coastal tourist sites in Egypt


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Tourism in Egypt is a very important source of income as many tourists from different countries of the world go to Egypt for recreation and enjoy the many tourist attractions that exist. As well as the magnificent coastal cities, Which is characterized by the wonderful weather especially in winter and spring.


The best period to visit coastal cities in Egypt is between September and March. Where the temperature is low at this time of the year and therefore the tourist can enjoy the atmosphere.


Top 5 Coastal Tourist Places in Egypt::


Since it overlooks the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, Egypt contains a large number of charming tourist cities that attract many tourists every year, Due to the wonderful atmosphere, wonderful waters and distinctive views, The following are the most important of these cities:




Considered a tideHurghada is one of the best and most beautiful coastal cities in Egypt , as it is characterized by the presence of many wonderful tourist attractions, It is about 36 kilometers long overlooking the Red Sea, It includes a large number of monuments, resorts and markets, In addition to the presence of very large green spaces that include gardens, Cairo is about 465 km away and takes 5 hours by car via a road Ismailia.


Among the most famous places to visit in Hurghada are Sea World, Hurghada Aquarium, Sand Museum, Giftun Island, El Gouna, El Kala, Sahl Hasheesh, and many other areas.


Discover the most popular hotels in Hurghada: Hilton Hotel, Sea Star Beau Rivage Hotel, Hotel Roma, There are also many restaurants that serve delicious meals, such as the Granda Weston and Arnoti Hotel.


Sharm El Sheikh:


The city of Sharm El Sheikh is considered one of the most beautiful tourist resorts in the world, Where there is beauty in the best way, It has an area of about 480 square kilometers and a distance between it and Cairo is about 505 kilometers, It is located at the confluence of the Gulf of Aqaba and Suez on the Red Sea coast, It has all the tourist services that any tourist may need for recreation and fun, There are many water sports such as snorkeling and diving, Sharm El Sheikh has many wonderful markets and malls, in addition to restaurants that serve the most delicious Egyptian meals such as Bharat Restaurant and Sala Thai.


The places worth visiting in Sharm El Sheikh are many including beaches, malls, reserves, and landmarks, as well as a very large number of wonderful hotels such as Sunrise Hotel, Novotel Sharm El Sheikh, and Delta Sharm Resort.


North Coast:


We are talking here about one of the most beautiful coastal tourist destinations in Egypt, which is the North Coast with a length of 1050 km, It contains many places worth visiting, This place has a sufficient number of picturesque landscapes in addition to the charming shape of the water, The distance between it and Ben Cairo is about 15 kilometers.

One of the tourist places on the North Coast is the marinas that are located on El Alamein Road, As well as Amwaj North Coast, La Vista North Coast, Hacienda Bay North Coast, and many other charming areas.

Among the most important hotels are Tivoli Dome Marina Hotel, Iberotel Burj Al Arab Hotel, Coral Hills Hotel, There are also many distinctive restaurants such as Hosni Restaurant and Sheikh Al Arab Restaurant.

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Ain Sokhna:


Ain Sokhna is located on the coast of the Gulf of Suez in the Red Sea, about 232 km from Cairo, The city of Ain Sokhna is considered one of the wonderful coastal tourist options in Egypt, This city includes many wonderful landmarks such as Mount Galala Bahriya, sulfur springs, Adabiya Bay, Petrified Tree Reserve, and others.

Among the most important hotels: Tida Swiss Inn Plaza, Stella Di Mare Hotel and Movenpick Hotel.

Among the most famous restaurants: Ain Sokhna fish ring and Abu Ali Seafood Restaurant.




Of the cities overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, It has a very wonderful atmosphere, It contains a large number of famous landmarks such as the Citadel of Qitbay, the New Library of Alexandria , the Montazah Palace, Catacomb Kom Al-Shoqafa and others.

The distance between Cairo and Alexandria is about 218 kilometers, Among the most famous hotels are Qaoud Hotel, Acropol Hotel and Alexandria Transit Hotel.

Among the most famous restaurants: Zephyr Restaurant, Swiss Dairy Restaurant and others

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