Moroccan army partakes in Israeli conference to develop military skills

Moroccan army partakes in Israeli conference to develop military skills


By Farah Al-Dada

Over the past decades, the Moroccan army has been known for its great interest in developing its military skills and combat capabilities. The commanders participated in many conferences and arranged events that raise the combat level of the country’s army and motivate the fighting soldiers to defend their country.


What is the exact date for the international conference to be held by the IDF?


The Israeli army recently announced its intention to hold an international conference next week with the participation of the Moroccan army with a large group of countries.


The countries participating in the conference, according to the IDF’s statement:


The IDF issued a communiqué stating all the details related to that conference. He also clarified the various parties that were determined to participate in it, namely:
  1. Moroccan Army.
  2. Greece.
  3. Cyprus.
  4. Finland.
  5. Germany.
  6. Netherlands.
  7. India.
  8. United Kingdom.
  9. Slovakia.
  10. Italy.
  11. Czech Republic.


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Where will the international conference be held?


The communiqué issued by the international conference, which will be held with the participation of the Moroccan army, stated that the conference will be held in Tel Aviv, Israel, and the conference will revolve around operational innovation.
The sources also stated that the number of these countries may reach approximately 25 countries, along with a group of military delegations from around the world.


What is the reason for the participation of the Moroccan army in the international conference to be held in Israel?


There are several reasons why Morocco should participate in this conference. The most prominent of which are the following:
  • Take advantage of the different systems used in Israeli operations.
  • Identify the various technological means that enable Israel to confront its enemies.
  • Benefit from Israel’s technical capabilities.
  • The statement issued by the Moroccan army also recalled that Morocco aims to strengthen bilateral cooperation within the framework of the tripartite agreement between Israel, Morocco and the United States of America.

Military cooperation between the Israeli army and the Moroccan army:


Military expert Abderrahmane Mekkaoui said that cooperation between the two armies is in very advanced stages, especially in light of the current circumstances, after Morocco decided to restore all political and military relations with the Israeli army.
This comes as the Moroccan army affirms its firm and unchanging positions regarding the Palestinian issue.


What are the objectives of the international conference held in Israel?


The military expert recalled that the main objective of holding this conference was to discuss the strategies that are being used recently in warfare.
Recently, hybrid warfare has become entirely dependent on the use of medium- and long-range missiles as well as the use of drones.


Morocco receives IDF Chief of Staff:


The commander of the Southern Military Organization, General Dorkur Darmi Farouk Belkheir, received the IDF staff months before Morocco’s decision to participate in the Israeli conference in Tel Aviv.


During that meeting, they discussed opportunities for joint cooperation between the Moroccan army and its Israeli counterpart, especially in the operational and intelligence fields or with regard to strengthening the training of the two armies.


The conclusion of this article, in which the Moroccan army and its participation in the Israeli international conference was talked about by explaining the reasons for that conference and indicating most of the countries that will participate in it, As well as clarifying the main reason for the conference, We hope that this article has provided you with enough information you want to know about Morocco’s participation in the international conference.



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