Who is the next ruler of Palestine?

Who is the next ruler of Palestine?

The Promise of the Hereafter Series (1)

D. Essam Adwan


Those who dream of liberating Palestine, They have to be realistic, objective, They pursue strategic planning, and non-dependence. editing need to be planned, The next liberation battle needs many great preparations, The first of these is: Who is the command that will conduct the battle, And will you act with the capabilities of the liberated countries during and after the battle? Is it permissible to leave this matter unprepared, Until the battle begins? I bring you good tidings: The battle will not begin before the leadership body and commander-in-chief of the country are known.


The experience of Zionism:


The availability of great powers and enormous potential was on the side of the World Zionist Organization and Great Britain, It did not prevent them from planning too early to achieve their goals of turning Palestine into a dominant Jewish state in the region.


Conscious Planning:


No sane person would say that ending this situation, Returning Palestine to its Islamic fold can be done in an improvised or emotional way. Common sense dictates good planning for every step towards the liberation of Palestine and its return to the Islamic Ummah. And if the Arab and Islamic nation is late in standing up By planning for the liberation of Palestine, nothing exempts it from planning from the moment, and without proper planning for the liberation of Palestine, the nation is a sinner until there are those among them who do so. It was therefore the form of the promise of the afterlife.


Collective Responsibility:


The liberation of Palestine and the fulfillment of the promise of the hereafter is a collective responsibility of the entire nation. Led by the Palestinian people, who forms the spearhead in the face of the occupier, He has all the motives to liberate his land, property and sanctuaries. Whereas liberation is a collective responsibility, It is necessary to develop a plan that employs the energies of the nation, The roles are distributed among their components, Each according to his abilities.


The Ruler of Palestine and the Leadership Body:


This process needs a sovereign body to supervise it at all stages of planning and implementation, Therefore came the thinking of the “Palestine Liberation Committee”“.


Motives and justifications:


  1. Palestine is an Islamic land sanctified by God Almighty, And made the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque in it, Therefore, the role of the Islamic Ummah cannot be removed from the responsibility of liberating Palestine and preserving it and its holy sites. Therefore, it is necessary to think about a mechanism that involves the nation in the burden of liberation in planning and implementation.
  2. There is no Arab, Islamic or international body that declares responsibility for the liberation of Palestine. Therefore, it must be found..
  3. None of the existing Palestinian, Arab, Islamic or international organizations are suitable as a collective body for the Islamic Ummah in the task of liberating Palestine. For structural and ideological reasons, and operational.
  4. The burden of liberating Palestine is not limited to the preparatory role, Not even the executive, Rather, it needs an umbrella with an international dimension that gives legitimacy to liberation efforts before, during, and after liberation.
  5. The fact that some Palestinian organizations, if they can, carry out the burden of liberation, It will not give it international legitimacy to continue its work until it accomplishes its mission, Therefore, the need arose for the accession of organizations, parties and popular entities, but also official, can gain international legitimacy, In what looks like an international alliance.

Who is the next ruler of Palestine?


What are the tasks of its leadership body?

    1. Provide an international umbrella for the efforts to liberate Palestine in all its coming stages.
    2. Develop plans to liberate Palestine.
    3. Grant international legitimacy to efforts to liberate Palestine.
    4. Organizing the affairs of Palestine during its liberation process and in the transitional period that follows for a period of one year.
    5. Work to provide the material needs required by the efforts to liberate Palestine.

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