The Sword of Jerusalem “A Military View of the Performance of the Resistance”

The Sword of Jerusalem “A Military View of the Performance of the Resistance”


By Dr. Ayman Ismail. 21 May 2021


The Palestinian resistance succeeded in managing more than ten continuous days of fighting on the Gaza battlefront in May 2021. Forced the Israeli enemy to retreat from hostile acts that undermine the sanctity of the Holy City and the dignity of the Palestinian, Although there are reasons for military success, The following can be noted:


The ability of the resistance to control, control and manage combat from safe operations rooms, Based on the continuity of communication between units, formations and levels of command through secure communication, Despite the enemy’s attempt to hit the lines of communication and control centers.


Break the enemy’s air control and neutralize its control over the air through passive defense (tunnels), The targets that the enemy was hitting from the air were civilian targets.


Success in administrative affairs (supply) despite the difficulty of moving on the ground, This ensured the perpetuation of the fire, It is not an easy issue if we talk about the transfer of heavy weapons and ammunition. Re-positioning, ammunition and artillery and rocket feeding.


Operational success in fire management, By distributing targets and fire arcs to the pits, By controlling by fire as much of the occupied territory as possible.


He continued in the sword of Jerusalem “a military view of the performance of the resistance”

Qualitative success in carrying out operations against land and sea targets, Despite the difficulty of moving under air surveillance, Despite the enemy’s withdrawal of its forces to distances beyond the effective range of resistance weapons.
The military industries of the resistance prove their effectiveness in providing effective weapons and combat equipment that have proven efficiency in combat and reaching targets, By way of multiplication and reconnaissance.


Two-way intelligence success: Encouraging me to access information about the enemy, its military and strategic gatherings and positions, and enhance aerial photo information, And defensive passivity by breaking the enemy’s ability to access information about the administrative and technical leaders of the resistance, weapons stores, missile launchers, call centers, etc.


Success in media management and psychological and moral warfare of fighting, Through the label given by the resistance to the operation, starting with the “sword of Jerusalem”, where it used the “sword” as a sign of attack and ownership of the initiative and did not use the defensive term “shield”, And with the ingenuity of a military spokesman who is fluent in body language, tone of voice and its connotations, Through the media content broadcast by the resistance, It worked to achieve two goals: Raising the morale of the internal public, It struck the morale of the enemy’s leadership and its people and caused a rift in trust between them.


Finally, it should be noted that the fighting taking place on the land of Palestine is a war of national liberation that falls under the revolutionary wars. Not everything that applies to regular warfare applies to it, The resistance still needs external support of weapons and equipment to tip its balance at the expense of the enemy. The first is an air defense system that breaks the enemy’s control over the air.

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