Palestinian Unity after the Battle of Jerusalem

Palestinian Unity after the Battle of Jerusalem

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The unity of the Palestinian people and the strengthening of the internal Palestinian front are among the most prominent strengths in the face of occupation. The fact that citizens rallied around the option of resistance in all Palestinian cities and towns is evidence that the general Palestinian mood has become a believer in the option of armed resistance, disbelieving in the option of compromise and flawedsecurity coordination with the Israeli enemy.


The clear change in the internal Palestinian scene after the great victory achieved by the resistance in the battle of the Sword of Jerusalem is not the same as before, and it is not allowed today for Abbas’s movement to continue to be unique in the national decision and Palestinian representation.


Continue in Palestinian unity after the Battle of Jerusalem

The international community and the region are aware today that the Palestinian Authority lacks any Palestinian popular support, so we find the international parties striving to breathe life into it again by exporting it to control the file of the reconstruction of Gaza. Attempts to revive the futile option of negotiations, ignoring the occupation’s denial of legitimate Palestinian rights over the past decades.


The Palestinian unity required today must be based on national partnership in decision-making and political and diplomatic representation. If Abbas’s movement does not realize that Oslo has become a mirage, he initiates the reform of the PLO and the political partnership with the active factions in the Palestinian arena, and leaves the bullying of the occupation and the region to the resistance, Taking real action to lift his collective sanctions on Gaza, he will soon wake up to the sound of angry crowds chanting the name of the resistance above the Muqata’a headquarters in Ramallah.

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