Dreamers of return and liberation

Dreamers of return and liberation

D. Essam Adwan


Through the course of the battle of the sword of JerusalemMany felt that the end of Israel was nearing and that we were on the verge of the liberation battle. No one has provided a clear vision of what will happen in Palestine after liberation, such as how to dispose of the occupied Jews after their defeat, and to dispose of the money they collected throughout their occupation of Palestine. No one has provided a vision of how to distribute land to returnees; after cities were established on the lands of a group of displaced Arab villages, and strategic facilities were built on the lands of families, is it enough to talk about the return of refugees to their homes and properties? Is it permissible to dismantle strategic installations, such as power plants, airports, ports, wastewater treatment plants, trans-Palestinian roads, etc., in order to recover the returnees’ land and property?



Those dreaming of return and liberation face many issues that will be the subject of great problems once the occupiers are defeated and leave the country. There must be strategic planning to develop a clear vision to solve all these problems now. Before the officials are busy with editing procedures, And the next liberation battle; then no one will be able to develop strategies, No solutions, Because everyone is engaged in the decisive battle. It is good thinking to examine all the issues of the temporary status immediately following liberation, And to develop a clear conception and plan for everything, We leave nothing to chance or improvisation.



Examples of what to plan already:


Power plants:


Are we ready to run the power plants that we will extract from the hands of enemies? Is the exact number known to us? Do we know exactly how many workers it needs to manage, How much fuel does it need? And where do we get it in those moments? And how do we preserve it from looting and vandalism?
How many security personnel do we need to secure? Do we have technical and human readiness to ensure that these stations operate properly through the electricity grids? In order to ensure the repair of malfunctions that will be caused by the war, Ensuring access to electricity to all vital sectors, Especially wastewater pumping stations, pumping stations for potable water and irrigation, and the operation of hospitals, bakeries, As institutions that cannot tolerate delay or disruption? This is one of dozens of issues whose finer details must be known. Develop a real vision to ensure the functioning of work and the maximum benefit from institutions, buildings and facilities, cultivated land, and wealth.





One of the most serious issues that requires those in charge of liberating Palestine to prepare for it from now on, The question of sovereignty. Who will have the say during liberation? Is it the Palestine Liberation Organization, Mother of the Palestinian Authority, Mother of national and Islamic factions, Or the Organization of the Islamic Conference, or the League of Arab States? Etcetera
All of the above, with the exception of a few Palestinian resistance factions, do not believe in liberation at all. Consequently, they are not ready for its requirements and dependencies, Doesn’t it require us to work early on the formation of a sovereign body that will have the final say in the transitional period soon after liberation? So as not to leave a sovereign vacuum filled by governments or organizations that did not deserve to be in the political scene at the time, because they were against liberation and against the resistance, They shall not have any political status in Palestine after its liberation in any case.


Property of returning refugees:


The joy of the Palestinian people and their refugees in liberation will make them flow like a torrent towards their liberated lands. Some of them may find towers erected on their land, or a factory, or an airport, or power station, and the like, Does he have the right to dispose of these resources on the pretext that they were built on his land?! Shouldn’t the logic of the common good take precedence? Who will then have time to decide how to dispose of resources, How to compensate returnees for their lands on which these strategic facilities are located? Millions of returning refugees urgently need housing units. How can a fair and rapid distribution of houses and apartments be organized to returnees? until the fate of their lands has been decided, Determine the final form of appropriate compensation. The question is stemming: Who counts these houses and apartments throughout Palestine, and how the distribution will take place, and what he founded, and those who protect it from vandalism or looting, How will the registration of these temporary premises be carried out in the names of their occupants? Where and how will that information and records be kept?


Many issues, Such a thing must be carefully planned from now on, Let’s be ready when the liberation battle begins. I do not imagine that there is enough time for that, Urge the footsteps, O dreamers of return and liberation.

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