The relationship of virtual sites to social isolation

The relationship of virtual sites to social isolation


By Mr. Farah Al-Dada


Isolation is one of the most prominent effects of virtual sites, although the main goal of these sites is to help individuals in different communities strengthen communication between them, but it has become one of the first causes of isolation.


What is meant by isolation?


Specialists define isolation as that state that begins with an individual reducing his social relations, Until you stop communicating with those close to him, such as friends and family, in addition to the individual’s increasing sense of loneliness.


Experts talked about the role of virtual sites in the entry of the individual into isolation after conducting a large number of studies, all of which confirmed the great relationship between isolation and virtual reality.


What does virtual sites have to do with the occurrence of isolation in an individual?


Researchers and specialists in psychology mention the serious effects that virtual sites can have on a person’s psyche, Where we mention the most prominent of the following:


  1. Isolation was one of the first effects that virtual sites could cause to an individual.
  2. In addition, his feeling of depression may rise if he uses virtual sites highly.
  3. Also, the level of stress in the individual when using social sites is higher than assumed.
  4. Anxiety and disorder.
  5. Studies have also shown that the light produced by the small screen can cause insomnia and sleep disturbances.
  6. Addiction that can affect aspects of an individual’s life as a whole.
In addition to many other effects such as poor social relations and low self-confidence.
Tips for specialists to reduce the effects of virtual sites:


Despite the great benefits left by social networking sites, their negative effects are greater if they are used in a random way, Therefore, specialists mentioned several tips to avoid the trap of isolation, namely:


  • Be wise when using the small screen.
  • Try to reduce the time you do with the small screen.
  • Do not use the phone before bed.
  • Avoid using the phone at family gatherings.
  • Choose what you’re browsing accurately.


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What does virtual sites have to do with social isolation?


Many specialized newspapers psychiatry published the effects of virtual sites on the individual’s sense of isolation, Among the most prominent of these studies are the following:


The British newspaper published a study that showed that a person who spends a lot of time on social networks increases the likelihood of feeling isolated.


The American Journal of Preventive Medicine also reported that spending too much time on different sites from Snapchat, Twitter and others can lead to the emergence of different feelings of hatred, envy and poor self-confidence. In addition to the individual’s belief that other people live better lives than his own.


How can I overcome social isolation?


Many people find it difficult to get rid of their feeling of isolation, so experts have explained several ways that an individual can follow to reduce that isolation that he suffers from, namely:


  1. Try to meet a number of friends as their presence in your life can help you resist the feeling of isolation and introversion that you may experience as a result of addiction to virtual sites.
  2. Try enrolling in a club, doing various group activities with a sports group, or forming different relationships.
  3. Set goals for your life and strive to achieve them, as this can help you overcome the problem of isolation.
  4. Stay away from heavy use of virtual sites and get caught up in more useful realistic things.
  5. Reading and reading can get you out of your isolation.
  6. Try to set the boundaries of the problems you are going through.
At the end of this article, which dealt with talking about isolation by talking about the relationship of virtual sites to the individual’s sense of isolation by mentioning the things that the individual can follow to prevent the feeling of isolation while explaining how to treat isolation, we hope that this article has contributed to providing a broad overview of everything related to social isolation.

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