Poetry Symposium entitled “In Jerusalem or the Prophets”

Poetry Symposium entitled “In Jerusalem or the Prophets”


On Monday, 5/10/2022, at 5 pm Jerusalem time, the Orient Center for Research and Culture held a poetry symposium via live broadcast on the center’s page, which included a group of senior Arab poets from several countries, including Egypt, Jordan and Yemen, where the guests were:


1- D. Rabiha Al-Rifai. ( From Jordan )

2- D. Bassim Abdel Azim. ( From Egypt )

3- Dr. Mukhtar Muharram. ( from Yemen)


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In the poetry symposium, entitled “In Jerusalem, Mother of the Prophets”, many poems of the honorable poets were presented, including the poem (O Jerusalem), the poem (Abu Lahab contemporary and Jerusalem) and the poem (The grandson of the conquerors) by the poet Dr. Bassim Abdel Azim.

And a poem (Ghath and Fat) and a poem (Sihab in you) and a poem (to Atek Hakama) by the poet Dr. Rabiha Al-Rifai.

Recorded poems of the poet Dr. Mukhtar Muharram …



And this is the text of some of those poems


⭐⭐A poem, O Quds⭐⭐

Oh Jerusalem, you are the city of servants and the first kiss of Taha Al-Hadi

The path of Reoul God – you and the meeting of the honorable messengers with the seal of the servants

The mother of the honorable prophets, our prophet, gathered for him in spirit and bodies


Connecting Alburaq to a wall that my soul will be happy for along the horizon and my heart

He ascended the heavens from the rock of his miracle is the end of glory

The seven plates exceeded our prophet so he passed them to the Holy Hadi

Gabriel accompanied him with him opening seven of the heavens he will call


He met the noble messengers and welcomed the messenger of the truth of the Kaaba in front of him

Even if they reach Sidra Muntaha Jibril presented him on a date

Praise be to God Mahamda has been inspired, O Hassan, from Halim Club


Giving prayer as a gift from his Lord is five, relieving him of the usual curse

O Jerusalem, O path of the Prophet, and a kiss for Muslims and a kiss for jihad

Omar received it and promised her family so conquest was the birth certificate


The army of the Crusaders desecrated its soil, so Saladin came on the lookout

After ninety years ago, it was occupied, it became liberated, with good people.

The Jews spread to its land when they saw weakness besetting my nation and my country


When will Muslims wake up and lift their insistence on Al-Aqsa, I shouted in a valley

Muslims dispersed Shiites and their imams did not realize the voice of a caller

O nation of the billion, is there a return to God?, Is there a return to Rashad?


I swear if everyone roared they would have terrorized the seed of monkeys And the junta of scoundrels

Where is the bond in our Holy House and in its environs, For the elite Anjad?!

Let us harm the face of the disbelievers with their Lord and purify Al-Aqsa, I screamed calling!


Is Saladin hearing my cry? Yahfu him Al-Aqsa driving my horses!

May the glory and glory of Muslims return no glory except in the bond of Jihad


D. Bassim Abdul azim
Dhu al-Hijjah 1436 AH 19 September 2015 AD

A poem of nausea and fat


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For the poet Dr. Rabiha Al-Rifai



The link to the full seminar is from here

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