Interview with Abbas Zaki (Abu Mishaal)

(Abu Mishaal)

Interview with Abbas Zaki:

Conducted by the Association of University Professors in Palestine

Presenter: D. Asaad Abu Sharkh

Trackback: D. Hossam Adwan (President of the Association)

Date of the meeting: July 2005

Duration of the meeting: 150 minutes

Topics of an interview with Abbas Zaki:

  • The Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in 2005 is the beginning of the end for Israel.
  • The doctrine of Jewish immigration, The exile of the Gentiles among the Israelis.
  • Fatah’s preparations for the elections.
  • Prospects for Palestinian civil war.
  • The shabby Palestinian situation.
  • Military operations against Israeli settlers and soldiers.
  • Palestinian-Israeli contacts before Oslo.
  • How Abu Ammar’s replacement was chosen while traveling for treatment.
  • The formation of the first Palestinian government from Tunisia.
  • Rationalization of resistance.
  • How to regain its opening position.
  • Fatah was absent from media coverage of the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza.
  • There is no Israeli orientation within Fatah. Same to you.
  • There are signs of Fatah’s decline.
  • Security commanders got priority.
  • We are in the process of community isolation for those benefiting from Israeli facilities.
  • An answer to university professors’ questions and fears

The last meeting with Abbas Zaki( Abu Mishaal)

Certainly, you are following the situation on the ground, especially what happened in the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque during the holy month, How do the Palestinians plan to deal with this escalation?

This government, It is Benjamin Netanyahu’s sixth. It is the government of annexation and execution, annexation of land and execution of its inhabitants, Not just by killing.
but also by restricting the Palestinians, The occupying power has been transformed into a Talmudic state that regards its people as God’s chosen people. While its land extends from the Nile to the Euphrates.
Even its educational curricula have transformed it into religious puritanism, While the occupation army turned into militias that worked from the corrupt dictator, Laws have been enacted that contradict the customs and traditions of the world. Meeting with Abbas Zaki
Here, Netanyahu’s government went from statehood to fascism and racism. It even turned against the Jews themselves, The Israeli street is boiling with demonstrations and protests, This is what made the occupying power go through an unprecedented state of internal disagreement without a leader. But in the end they gather to kill us.
So we expect more crimes, We may witness massacres similar to what happened during the Nakba of 1948. We do not exclude that they will demolish the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, But God Almighty has given us the mighty people, The people greater than his leadership, And it will remain a thorn in the enemy’s throat, The Palestinians are the members of the Victorious Almoravid community, The omnipotents of their enemy. “Whoever is behind them shall not harm them, Until God’s command comes, and they are so, They are stationed in Jerusalem and the environs of Jerusalem.”

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