The Beirut Bombing, Macron’s Conditions and Political Repercussions

The Beirut bombing, Macron’s conditions, political repercussions and the future of the Gaza Strip


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I watched and listened to the press conference of French President Macron on Lebanese soil, He spoke with confidence, And a feeling of euphoria and vanity, He was on the podium alone, The Lebanese head of state did not participate in the protocol of press conferences, as usual. This is an expression of Lebanon’s rejection of Macron’s conditions, He wanted to convey the message that he is the de facto ruler of Lebanon. France has gone out with its army, but it still dominates and is able to rally the world to help Lebanon.


He spoke at length about his goal of helping the Lebanese people, And that the politicians in Lebanon are corrupt, Aid will be provided to the Lebanese people through non-governmental organizations. He stressed that Lebanon needs political change. and the transparency of the central bank so that it can receive support from the World Bank.


With the power of the French ruler, he demanded change, drafting a document of political honor, And to speed up the holding of elections to get the Lebanese people out of their crisis, Because trust between the people and their government has become non-existent.
For years, Lebanon has been suffering from a political crisis. The government has changed more than once, The Lebanese people took to the streets demanding change and economic reform. But he did not find support in his demands from local political forces, France has not come to support the demands of the Lebanese people.



Something bigger than the revolution of the Lebanese people should have happened. The world is mobilized behind her, The Beirut port bombing was a historic opportunity for the world to impose its conditions on Lebanon in exchange for its help. This confirms that the Beirut port bombing was not fireworks. There are even hidden hands behind the crime.
The French president did not come on his own, But a representative of the European world, In closed meetings with political leaders, he presented the conditions of the world to help Lebanon, ostensibly to help the Lebanese people, Withinwardly it is the protection of Israel.



Since the first hour of the Beirut bombing, the Western media began talking about the role of Hezbollah and its responsibility for the bombing. Because the sodium nitrate stores belong to it, It is used to store weapons and manufacture explosives, whether this is true or not, is a Lebanese affair.


Follow the Beirut bombing, Macron’s conditions, and the political repercussions


But the European world saw it as an opportunity to get rid of the corrupt political tension in Lebanon by dissolving the parliament and holding real elections under international supervision. and disarming Hezbollah, and the dismantling of its security and political system, and the imposition of international control over Lebanon, International control over platforms and sea coasts to control gas reserves in the Mediterranean Sea to be extracted under the pretext of helping the Lebanese people, And work to change the Lebanese political system from quotas to democratic elections.



In his press conference, Macron referred to what we talked about from the conditions of the European community, Without disclosing their details, But the politicians, the presidency and the Lebanese government know and know what he meant at his conference, Therefore, none of the Lebanese government members attended the conference.



Macron confirmed his return early next month, In other words, he gave the Lebanese government three weeks to consult, And come up with a unified position in line with the demands of the international community, otherwise NATO will have the last word in controlling Lebanon. In the event that Hezbollah refuses to surrender its weapons, It is contained, It will be a fierce war in which NATO participates alongside Israel to destroy it. Thus destroying Lebanon. In other words, the reconstruction of Lebanon and the creation of shelter for the displaced will not be until the conditions of the international community are agreed.



In light of what happened in Lebanon, and imposing the conditions of the international community, It gives us an indication of the future of the Gaza Strip, Especially in what Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said of an international offer of $ 15 billion in exchange for disarming Hamas, Therefore, Hamas and the political forces must be aware of the future that awaits the Gaza Strip. And to start from now to work to overcome the crisis that the sector will enter, Lebanon also entered it.

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