Al-Quds is Arab and Islamic

Al-Quds is Arab and Islamic

By: D. Essam Adwan


The inability of the Jews to produce any physical evidence of their historical presence in Jerusalem since their occupation; They were unable to prove the sanctity of Al-Aqsa Mosque and its Western Wall (al-Buraq Wall) to them. Excavations from the nineteenth century to the present have not revealed any significant Jewish artifacts. This is what the Israeli paleontologists themselves have decided.

The League of Nations has conducted, At the request of a British Commission of Inquiry (Walter Shaw Commission in 1930) an international investigation, A special international commission was formed to look into the ownership of the Western Wall, which the Jews claim from their holy sites. In its original report to the Security Council today, the Committee substantiated the following text: “Muslims alone belong to the Western Wall and have the right in kind to it. Being an integral part of the Haram al-Sharif Square, Which is the property of the Islamic Waqf.

Muslims also own the sidewalk in front of the wall, In front of the locality known as the Moroccan sailors, because he is arrested according to the provisions of Islamic law.”

What is left for the Jews in Jerusalem and Palestine after their claim to the right to what they call the Western Wall proved invalid? They failed to produce any evidence of their history in Palestine. What legitimacy does the Jewish occupation state have in Palestine after that?

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According to the Israeli plan to Judaize Jerusalem, Arab lands are confiscated and expelled. and the withdrawal of their identities, and the destruction of their homes, Finally, crowding Muslims for their mosque and working to share it temporally and spatially. All of this is contrary to international law and to UN Security Council resolutions, which consider Jerusalem to be occupied territory.

UN Security Council Resolution 252 of 21/5/1968 stipulates that: “All administrative and legislative procedures, and all actions taken by Israel, including the confiscation of land and property, that would lead to a change in the legal status of Jerusalem, are invalid actions, It cannot change the status of Jerusalem. He urgently calls on Israel, until such proceedings are invalidated, and immediately refrain from any further action that could change the status of Jerusalem.” This has been confirmed in other UN Security Council resolutions, Including Resolution No. 267 dated 3/7/1969, Decision No. 271 dated 15/9/1969, And Resolution No. 298 dated 25/9/1971.

General Assembly Resolution No. 36/15 of 28/10/1981 clarified the seriousness of the Israeli excavations below and in the vicinity of Al-Aqsa Mosque and decided: “Demands that Israel immediately cease all excavation and alteration of its monuments at the historical, cultural and religious sites of Jerusalem, Especially under and around the Haram al-Sharif (Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock), whose buildings are in danger of collapsing.”

As well as Resolution No. 36/226 A, B dated 17/12/1981, “Israel must withdraw unconditionally from all occupied Palestinian and other Arab territories, Including Jerusalem… Deplores Israel’s non-compliance with Security Council resolutions 476 of 30/6/1980, and 478 (20/8/1980), General Assembly resolution 35/207 of 16/12/1980 stipulates that Israel’s decision to annex Jerusalem and declare it its eternal capital.

Measures to change their physical character, demographic composition, institutional structure and status are all null and void, demand their immediate repeal and call upon all Member States, specialized agencies and all other international organizations to comply with this resolution and other relevant resolutions, including General Assembly resolution 36/120 E.” as well as its resolution No. 35/207 of 16/12/1980 to the same effect.

The Arab and Islamic right to Jerusalem is crystal clear. Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims and the free people of the world must defend this right. We don’t need more international resolutions in favor of Jerusalem. Rather, the decisions issued on them are sufficient, But the problem is in the Palestine Liberation Organization , which is negligent in its duties and has neglected the issues of the Palestinian people and turned to secondary issues through which it achieved its continued existence and privileges. The Palestinian people must put the Organization’s leadership on the ground, hold it accountable and pressure it to respond to its higher interests.

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