Steps to write a short story

Steps to write a short story



The story is one of the most famous literary arts in creative writing in expressing reality, and the problems of life, It expresses the actions of people in their surroundings and life in general, Psychological and social dimensions are discussed and influenced.


What characteristics of a short story?



The story shows the writer’s writing skill and ability to narrate real-life events.

You need a high ability to use appropriate and concise vocabulary to express the topic.

You don’t have a large number of pages to describe your imagination.


A short story consists of 5,000 words or less.


It involves one event in a short period of time and a limited space to express a situation or aspect of life.


The narrative of the short story event should be united and harmonious without distraction.


It contains a single character or group of characters that are close in events.


Short story drama is characterized by being powerful.


The short story has a great sense of influence and compensation for the plot of events in the novel.


The short story is concerned with expressing the form of everyday life, not heroics and epics.



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What are the rules for writing a short story?



1- Read many short stories, note-taking, And take advantage of it when writing.


2- Set a basic goal to build the events of the story on its basis.


3- Proficiency in the Arabic language in a large literary and linguistic manner, And grammatically.


4- Avoiding unethical and socially rejected behaviors.


5- Supporting the story with beautiful words and rich terms that express the content.


6- Understanding drawing tools, and musical cutting instruments.


7- The short story is characterized by an interesting beginning, Shocking and expressive.


8. Focusing on time, place, and man, and describing them, And create dialogue activity around it.

9. Demonstrate how to build relationships within the story, And justifying it like love, and conflict.


10. Distance from repetition, and replay.


11. The sequence of events, ease, And the bond of the shocking and unexpected ending.


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Steps to write a short story:





The idea must have a strong impact and importance and is characterized by brevity and smoothness of the narrative so that you do not need a plot and a long narrative that is not present in the short story.




Try not to overload the characters, Where no more than five characters to occupy a major hero, An assistant hero and three supporting characters so reducing characters will be the best solution.




Make sure to have the hero move between limited places so you don’t have to burn as many words as you might need to finish the events.




Expressions should be strong but without exaggeration because the short story is often directed at children, so it is better that the expressions are not strong but easy to understand for the child.




Try to have few events in the short story so as not to weaken the structure of the story because the thirty pages need expressions, plot, Purpose and trauma are more than stuffing events like the novel.




The reader should not anticipate the events of the story and because the short story is the shortest way to show the talent of the writer and whoever fails to shock the readers fails to formulate the story.




I commit to using only one plot in the story because 30 pages end between characters, atmospheres and expressions.


Lesson / Lesson:


The reader must come out of the story with a lesson or lesson that he will benefit from in his life because if he is distracted between more than one lesson, nothing will benefit.

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