What are creative writing skills?

What are creative writing skills?


Writing skills are a set of skills, thoughts and feelings with which we express something in written and clear form. The types of writing vary depending on the template you want to write in. Each form has conditions and rules that distinguish it from others, Writing essays is different from writing a short story,novel , autobiography, speech to a lover or friend, etc. However, they all have in common the need for a writer to have strong writing skills that enable him to complete writing in the best way.



And because writing was and still is of great importance, Al Sharq Center will provide you with the basic steps through which you can develop your writing skills.



The importance of writing skills?



Writing is involved in all aspects of our lives, It helps those who possess it to translate everything they feel or think into written and balanced language to clarify an idea or thought. You can only get an academic or career opportunity if you have sufficient writing skills to prepare a suitable resume. Or a featured message.



The importance of writing skills is summarized in…



It is considered one of the most important requirements for the process of official or personal communication.

The ability to express opinions and feelings easily and clearly.

Enables its owner to prepare any type of content requested from him.

Its owner was distinguished by various writings and creativity.



What are the types of writing?



The types of writing are divided into 3 types that differ among themselves in purpose and style, namely:

Creative Writing



It is considered one of the most famous writings that exist today, It is the arrangement and organization of thoughts and feelings and their output in the form of consistent writings that express others, So that the audience can read it clearly.



This writing is divided into several types, such as:



– Writing novels.


– Writing stories and short stories.


– Screenwriting, theater, poetry and literary texts in general.


– Writing articles of all kinds.


– Scientific writing.



It is the writing that is used to translate books into Arabic, or express a scientific experiment you have done, or a discovery you got, And also the language used in writing research and scientific articles.


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Areas of use:


* Medical fields.


* Astronomical and religious fields.


* Mathematical Sciences.


– Procedural or functional writing.


Used in the completion of works and functional works.

Areas of use:


* Report writing.


* Official letters.


How to develop your writing skills?



Al Sharq Center offers you some tips to improve your writing skills:



1- Know the rules of the language in which you write and start understanding the basics of writing before you start writing distinctive content.



2- Be sure to train yourself to write every day, It gives you a chance to develop your own and distinct style.



3- Read well for good writers, Continuous reading is an easy way to develop your writing skills. Focus on sentence structure, formulation and choice of words, And take advantage of it.



4- Show your writing to your co-workers so that they give you important notes to improve your writing.



5- Find a writing partner with you so that you continue your daily training.



6- Register for specialized writing workshops to develop your writing skills faster, It may be a good opportunity to reveal your hidden talents.



7- Carefully analyze the writings and articles you like, Because this helps you identify different writing styles and compare them, Then apply these techniques and notes to your own writing.



8- Imitate your favorite writer in terms of studying a style of writing and analyze it to find out what distinguishes it from others, But don’t steal content in your name.



9- Always make a plan for everything you will write before you start writing, Without a clear outline of the main ideas you will write in the field, You will not be able to write a successful topic, They will just be meaningless sentences.



10. Accept failure at the beginning, Because the first version of written material is often a fiasco even for the biggest writers, So don’t be discouraged, Try to arrange and reformulate your ideas.



11- Find a good checker who will tell you your drafting mistakes and correct them with you, This way you can avoid making mistakes next time.



12- Always make your style simple and clear, And stay away from the use of complex sentences and formulas, Because you think you appear to have deep knowledge.



13- Make sure to identify your target audience before you start writing to choose the appropriate style in which you address them.



14- Use simple and short sentences, Short phrases leave a greater impact on the reader than long ones.



After all…



You should slow down in choosing the type of writing in which you want to write, Make sure that basic writing skills are what help you write any topic well, In addition to the commitment to implement the previous steps that we talked about, It will ensure that you improve your writing skills in record time, And then achieve the success you aspire to.

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