5 steps to the World Cup journey: After purchasing tickets for the 2022 World Cup

5 Steps for a World Cup journey: After buying World Cup tickets2022



Football fans around the world are waiting, The start of the 2022 World Cup, Which will be held in the State of Qatar at the end of this year.


According to the Executive Director of Sales and Marketing for the 2022 World Cup Hassan Al-Kuwari, Nearly 1.8 million tickets have been sold for upcoming World Cup matches in Qatar. This July, the third phase of ticket sales will begin.


Qatar is scheduled to host the World Cup between November and December this year. And that is in the middle of the next football season 2022-2023.


Published by the site “My Holidays” specialized in reports and trips worldwide, A report to help fans interested in travelling to Qatar to attend the 2022 World Cup, This is done through 5 important steps:


138-101524-fifa-world-cup-2022-plan-trip-2-300x169 5 steps to the World Cup journey: After purchasing tickets for the 2022 World Cup

First of all: Plan well for your budget.


Planning a budget is the most important thing before making any trip. So that the traveler does not have to spend more money than he should.
The passenger’s budget must not exceed USD 10,000, Includes all travel, accommodation, meals and any other expenses, It is relative and may vary from country to country.
It is worth noting that residency in the State of Qatar is often expensive. This must be taken into account to avoid non-essential and unnecessary expenses, According to the source.


Secondly: Set your personal priorities.


After planning the trip, Prioritization comes directly because the tournament may take a month during which a full 64 matches will be held. This requires visitors to choose which matches they prefer to watch.
It is noteworthy that fans can attend more than one match per day during the group stage, In accordance with the Match Compatibility Rules, People with disabilities also have the right, And people with limited mobility get tickets dedicated to them.
Due to the small area of Qatar, The narrow and short distance between the eight stadiums hosting World Cup matches, This will result in fans moving easily between favorite matches.
World Cup 2022World Cup 2022

Third: Obtaining travel documents:


After booking official tickets for the 2022 FIFA World Cup™, Fans get to the step of obtaining the necessary travel documents to travel to Qatar.
It is customary for visa fees to be waived for the country hosting the World Cup. It is enough to buy a World Cup ticket in order to obtain a visa.
Fourth: Travel to the State of Qatar:


There are usually many cheap flights available to Qatar from around the world. However, visitors are always up to date with the best booking deals and options available.
HIA, in collaboration with Qatar Airways, coordinated to bring 1,300 flights to the country per day over the course of a month.


Fifth: Residence in the State of Qatar:



The last step in planning a trip World Cup is to find a place dedicated to the accommodation of fans and visitors, Here, budget alone does not play the biggest role, It goes beyond the availability of adequate hotel rooms.
Several media reports have stated earlier, It is scheduled to work to increase the number of hotel rooms to receive fans and visitors from different countries of the world, In addition to finding non-traditional ideas and solutions such as allocating accommodation on board cruise ships, And luxury tents that will be erected in the desert.

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World Cup Tickets:


Tickets for the 2022 World Cup are exclusively sold on the FIFA website, Visitors will be able to book in 3 stages.


Once a fan has selected their ticket and paid for it by visiting the website, they will be sure to receive it.


Ticket holders from outside Qatar are requested to book their accommodation. They must also apply for the mandatory Haya card.


The Haya Card allows ticket holders to enter the sports stadium. It also serves as an entry permit for fans coming from outside the State of Qatar, It offers fans many benefits, including free use of public transport during match days.


Fans can apply for the Haya card. Reserve accommodation by visiting the website through this link, or downloading the Haya to Qatar app, available on the Apple and Android stores.


Football fans from all over the world are offered a variety of accommodation options via the official platform. Prices starting at $80. It includes apartments and hotel rooms.


Tickets for one match are available for the four fare categories, Category IV tickets are exclusively for residents of Qatar. A fan can purchase a maximum of six tickets per match. A maximum of sixty tickets for all tournament matches.

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