The aggression on Gaza is an episode of the nuclear scenario

The aggression on Gaza is an episode of the nuclear scenario


✍🏼M. Bilal Anwar Al-Barawi.


In Vienna, it was agreed on the six most difficult points of contention between America and Iran, and the disagreement remained only on the issue of guarantees, as Iran wants guarantees that no other American president will come to cancel the agreement, and America responds that it cannot give what it does not have, and Europe also demands that Tehran make its demands reasonable, and this is an explosive point that may undermine the agreement from its foundation, as Iran sees it as more necessary than removing the Revolutionary Guards from the terrorist lists, as it realizes that the agreement is without this Guarantees are worthless.


The most important question here is what are the repercussions of the failure of the agreement?



It seems that the Zionist occupation began to prepare its answer early, as its war effort in May focused on the most important and comprehensive maneuvers in its history under the name of “chariots of fire”, through which it worked to simulate a war on five fronts at the same time.


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Earlier, Eric Mandel, director of the Middle East Political Information Network and one of the most important briefers for members of Congress on foreign policy, wrote in the American newspaper The Hill talking about five scenarios if the nuclear deal with Tehran fails, and the common denominator between these scenarios is an Israeli strike on Iran.



Israel tried to provoke the resistance factions Repeatedly during the previous months, Hamas was well aware of the international and regional situation, and with the news of stumbling from Vienna and as an initiative to put harsh pressure on Tehran, Israel was given a stark American green light, accompanied by brazen British support, to start a military operation in Gaza that takes the methodology of dismantling the fronts as an important basis to move forward towards one after the other according to the American agenda, which put Gaza as a weaker link at the beginning of the eye of the storm by targeting the arm closest to Iran in it. The Jihad Movement , which called its operation to respond to the aggression the “Unity of the Squares.”


It is as if she is saying do not let them launch the plan to single us out one after the other, but the Iranians have different priorities, as the response came from the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in an implicit message that Iran is aware of the prepared scenario and that it will ignite the region if the Zionists go ahead with its implementation, where the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard hinted at this by saying that the Lebanese Hezbollah has more than a hundred thousand missiles ready to open the gate of hell on “Israel”, as well as his subsequent statement that the party is preparing For a final knockout blow to the entity.



It seems that Israel started early to show the seriousness of the White House in what it went to if the nuclear agreement was not achieved, as it was keen to trim Iran’s arm nails in Gaza by focusing on creating influential vacuums in the structure of its military leadership so that it would no longer be able to influence the supposed confrontation between the entity and Iran. Interesting In Gaza, it realized the intensity of the storm and the malicious goals behind it, so it controlled its emotions according to the equation of survival and saving power to search for times when the impact is heavier and greater than these moments, which witness unprecedented American-British support for the entity to pass its plan, as well as a state of international concerns and regional interference that does not help achieve that desired effect.



In other words, Hamas pragmatism is bowing to the storm now, and I am sure that it would have moved if one of the other fronts in the resistance alliance moved, because this would help it digest the bill of aggression and would show the reasonable costs compared to the current reality and the desired fruits, and I think that despite the flaming national passion demanding the speed of its entry into the field, but it will adjust the hour of its next military action on the timing of the opening of the craters of fire on one of the fronts, the most important and attractive for joint action affecting is the Hezbollah front in Lebanon.

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