The twenty-first of Shaaban

The twenty-first of Sha’ban:


It happened on this day,,

* In 489 AH / August 1096 AD, Pope Urban II announces the start of the crusade gathering in Constantinople, Preparing for the start of the campaign against the Islamic East, and the seizure of Jerusalem, And rid him of the hands of Muslims.
* Year 559 AH / July 1164 AD The recapture of Homs from the Crusaders by Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi after he besieged it, By opening it, he became more of the Levant under his hand.
* In 1006 AH / March 1598 AD the Germans seize the city of “Yanqale” in a smart way, After it was under Turkish control.
* In 1389 AH / November 1969 AD the signing of a ceasefire agreement in Cairo between the Lebanese government and the Palestine Liberation Organization, After the clashes that erupted between them in Nahr al-Bared for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

Follow the events of the twenty-first of Shaaban


* In 1397 AH / August 1977 AD Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin decides to impose Israeli legislation on the West Bank.
* Year 1439 AH / May 2018 AD US President Donald Trump announces his country’s withdrawal from the nuclear agreement concluded with Iran since Jumada II 1436 AH.


Events written on this day:


It is a daily record that contains a separate narrative of historical events arranged in a random manner that reviews events from ancient, medieval and modern history, And Arab and international events
This record aims to recall some of the events affecting people’s lives at the national, national and global levels, To the extent that it does not make it boring to the reader.


This Register is of particular importance, It makes man feel different times, As if he had lived it. It gives him an inner sense of happiness, And sometimes with pain, for events that took place on such a day that he lives. This is a good way to sense, absorb and reflect on history.


Schools and parents may need to teach their children some historical events by reviewing this daily record, and encourage them to express their feelings about these events, and strengthen their intellect.
This daily record of events is so inspiring to some that it pushes him to exchange it with his friends, lovers and those interested in him, To become a form of enhancing social communication.


The East Center for Research and Culture provides this service to its visitors, To make it easier for them to read what happened on the same day as they live, And pass it on electronically simply and easily with their friends. The center hopes that this will be welcomed and comforted by the distinguished visitors.




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