Three Fatah-affiliated electoral lists

Three Fatah-affiliated electoral lists


By MP / Hamada Faraneh


Several Fatah-affiliated lists are running in the Palestinian Legislative Council elections.
Third On 22/5/2021. They are three lists on the following survivors:



The first list / headed by Mahmoud Aloul and Jibril Rajoub.


The second list is headed by Nasser al-Qudwa and Fadwa al-Barghouti.


The third list is headed by Samir Mashharawi and Sri Nusseibeh.


who does not acknowledge it, And he does not acknowledge them, naïve, superficial, Narrow-minded, sightless.



Sons of Fatah, The owners of the Palestinian national democratic project, Loyal friends of Fatah, the Palestinian people and their national cause, They wished for it to be one Fatah list, But that didn’t happen, These wishes have become unrealistic, dreamy, Because differences, jurisprudence, aspirations, political reality and accumulations, Stronger than wishes and ideals.


Attempts to demonize the three lists under different pretexts, and the broadcast of poison tapes and skepticism, No matter how much those who stand with it, promote it and distribute it claim, He is faithful to this list against those, He is “servants” consciously or ignorantly for:


(1) The enemy of the Palestinian people who occupies their land and confiscates their rights; and violates his dignity, The Israeli enemy, Serve him with paid malice or free stupidity, With the aim of preserving and deepening divisions.


2. The deduction of the three Fattah lists is served,Hamas Movement, which is still a strong competitor and was formed to be the partisan, political and organizational alternative to Fatah and the PLO, but failed to achieve its unilateralism and alternative project, despite its success in the parliamentary majority in 2006, and its unilateral control over the Gaza Strip since 2007 and still, and it has not fundamentally abandoned its own project.
But it seeks it through its partnership from within the two institutions of Palestinian legitimacy:


1. The Legislative Council.


2. The National Assembly.


demonize open parties to each other, contrary to national values, as contrary to the code of conduct document signed by the Central Elections Commission, It contradicts the goals of the Fatah movement for which it was born, which is to confront and defeat the occupation. and the liberation of Palestine from usurpation, colonialism and settlement, Not the liberation of Palestine from the various Palestinian trends, Pluralism is deeply rooted among the Palestinian people and their political movement.


Among them is Hamas as a Palestinian faction, but its problem is that it rejects pluralism and claims what is not in it. That is why it has failed to be the alternative in managing the Gaza Strip unilaterally since 2007, And change its political program and document announced on the first of May 2017, Recognition of the unreality of its uniqueness, It reached three agreements of security de-escalation with the colonial government in 2008, 2014, The last of which is on 31/8/2020, which are somewhat similar to the security coordination agreements between Ramallah and Tel Aviv, or a little less, It is the price of its exclusivity and preservation of power.


Backtracking, frustration and stopping achievements are caused by division first, And the partisan monopolization of power on both sides of the division Second, And the narrow self-interests of those in charge of the Ramallah and Gaza authorities third.


Acquiescence to the logic of elections, And back to the owner of the cause the Palestinian people, and resort to the ballot box, and renewal of legality, and the birth of new elected leaders, and work for a single legitimacy, It is indeed an acknowledgment of failure by both sides of the split, throughout their previous years.


The registration of 36 electoral lists is a positive expression and Palestinian eagerness to participate in the required institutions of legitimacy:



1- The Legislative Council representing the Palestinians in the West Bank, Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip,
2- The National Council represents Palestinians everywhere.

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