The story of Mufarrej Al-Subaie, the neighbor of Al-Mahadi

The story of Mufarrej Al-Subaie, the neighbor of Al-Mahadi

Introduction about the author of the story:

He is Mufarrej Al-Subaie and it was said that he is from Bani Amer from Subai and had with Sheikh Mohammed Al-Mahdi positions will never forget history has hit the finest example of sacrifice and magnanimity through their famous story that was transmitted by the Arabs throughout history and here is the story:

During the travel of Sheikh Mohammed bin Hadi, he came to the tribe of Subai and was met with hospitality and honor, and he stayed with them for several days, and one of these days he went to the place from which the tribe brings water, and he saw one of the girls of the tribe, which had a charming beauty and high morals, so she was enchanted and robbed of his heart, but he was confused about how to betrothed her, and he is the strange guest of the tribe and they know little about him. And who is the one who will help him in that then his mind showed him on Mufarrej, who saw in him manhood and features of pride and magnanimity, but he did not know him well, so he chose one of the ways of the Arabs to detect the metals of men.

It is that when he went to the tribal council and the men gathered, he deliberately sat to the right of Mufarrej al-Subaie in order to implement his plan. He put an elbow on the thigh of Mufarrej leaning on it and stayed for a period of time and did not move from his place and did not ask him to lift his elbow from him. He remained painfully enduring in order to please his guest, comfort him and not disturb him. Then after that Mahadi increased the pressure on the thigh of Mufarrej, but Mufarrej did not move a finger until the Mahadi realized that this is the man who is entrusted with the secret. After the Council was dispersed and the people dispersed, Al-Mahadi said to Mufarrej that I see in you a brave and gallant man, so I want you to help in one of the things, so Mufarrej told him that you are also one of the men who are brave and kind, and since you chose me, say your need, and God willing, we will solve it.

You are a guest and your requests are answered even if you ask one of our children. Al-Mahadi told him his story with the girl who occupied his mind and desire to marry her and that he needed his help to consummate this marriage. Then Mufarrej promised him good and asked him to guide him from among the daughters of the tribe so that he recognizes her and in the morning he saw her Mahadi going to the water told Mufarrej so pointed with his hand on her what was Mufarrej after he knew her but that promised him good and asked him to give him two days to speak to her father in the subject .after two days came Mufarrej to Mahadi to tell him to agree.

Preparations were made for marriage and on the day of his entry and when he saw the new wife Mahadi and found her crying with heartburn and pain asked her about the reason for crying after initially agreeing to this marriage she told him that she had agreed and her father also agreed forced on this matter and that she is the daughter of a cousin Mufarrej and each of them loves the other and were about to get married, but you asked for help from Mufarrej in your subject this could not tell you something and preferred to leave the daughter of his aunt and his lover to return you disappointed.

Grew this work in the eye of the Mahadi and grew up the man in the look and said to the girl that you are from now like my sister do not be afraid and do not be sad and you will return to your cousin and after several days wanted Mahadi to leave told his wife divorce and asked Mufarrej to visit him in his home and that if he needs anything do not hesitate to come to him to return him the favor and this great favor.

The story of Mufarrej Al-Subaie, the neighbor of Al-Mahadi – follows

Then he left the Mahadi and married Mufarrej from a cousin and had children and after several years hit the homes of Mufarrej and his group drought and became barren and confused where to go remember Mufarrej her Mahadi and asked his wife to pull the traveler and prepare to travel and went to the homes of the Mahadi, who received him with all the hospitality and honor and ordered his wife to get out of her house and leave the house including the guests of dear and built Mahadi for his family a house next to his neighbor and in the evening said the wife of Mahadi wife Mufarrej that I have a son used to Sleeping in my bed and he is now going hunting and he may come late, and if he comes, tell him that you are not his mother and that our house is the one next to you.

So Mufarrej’s wife stayed awake waiting for this boy to return, but she was overwhelmed by sleepiness and sleep stole her, so she slept before his presence, so it happened that the son of Al-Mahadi would come, and he did not notice any change in things, so he went into bed and slept, thinking that she was his mother. After Mufarrej and Al-Mahadi finished staying up late, Mufarrej went to his house, and when he entered, he was shocked when he saw the man sleeping with his wife and in his bed, he drew his sword and killed him immediately, so his wife woke up terrified and told him she killed your neighbor’s son and told him the story and that she was the reason. You didn’t sleep when this thing happened, so he regretted what he did and was very sad.

But he has missed the foot and preceded the sword so he went to his neighbor Al-Mahadi and told him what happened Vahda Al-Mahadi of his splendor and told him that this is fate and destiny and took the daughter of the murdered and put him in the playground of the girls of the neighborhood and in the morning he gathered his tribe and told them that his son had been killed in the playground of the girls of the neighborhood and does not know who killed him and thus became his blood divided on the whole tribe and they have blood money so they complied with his group when he asked them and collected blood money and gave it to the Mahadi who gave it a turn to the neighbor of Mufarrej Al-Subaie who came and not With him halal or money and continued their neighborhood for several years gathered by the goat dignity and respect and was for the girl Mahadi a high degree of beauty and morals and was for Mufarrej Subaie three sons was the youngest of them always harasses the girl Mahadi since their arrival trying to harm her and was deterring him and threatening him to tell her mother and away from him as much as possible.

After a period of time I told her mother about this matter and the mother said patience my daughter they are neighbors stay away from him and threatened and if it does not work with him I will tell your father and with the continuation of the boy to be exposed to the daughter of the Mahadi the wife of the Mahadi told her husband about him, who asked his daughter not to walk alone and to stay away from the boy as much as possible because he did not want to harass a neighbor.

With the passage of time, the boy increased the harassment of the girl, so she told her father so, so he asked Al-Mahadi from the neighbor of Mufarrej Al-Subaie to leave nicely and indirectly, while playing one of the popular games at that time, which is similar in our time to the game of Dama, he took to say leave neighbor or else we left and it was intended to play and meaning that you are defeated or that I am defeated and at the same time an indirect message to his neighbor to leave (leave our homes or we left you) and repeated it several times and after he went Al-Mahadi to his house took Mufarrej thinking about the reason why Al-Mahadi repeated the word leave, otherwise we left, so he realized that a neighbor touched him harmed by his neighbor and that there is a secret in the matter that he does not know.

Mufarrej asked his wife to prepare herself to leave for his home and Mufarrige was surprised that the neighbor of Al-Mahadi did not oppose his departure, but recommended him to say hello to his group Mufarrej and his family left and after he moved away from the houses of Al-Mahadi ordered his wife and children to stop in one of the valleys to rest and spend this night to continue their march in the morning and when it was dark and his family members slipped in from them and went secretly to the house of Al-Mahadi’s neighbor knowing that he would say something about his departure and Mufarrej reached the heights of the Council Al-Mahadi was heard singing this poem, some of which we will quote, as it is long.

Continued – The story of Mufarrej Al-Subaie, the neighbor of Al-Mahadi:

The Mahadi and the Mahadi Mohammed say and he has a lesson in the camel of the Mullah he did not train her

My pain in it from an internal illness and the hellbag does not know what he brought

That her eternity appeared to the mercy of the enemy, and if I hid it, the tampon narrowed with her inflammation

Eight years and our neighbor is wasting us and he is like a bastard who didn’t train it

And put it in the man’s mattress, if she can’t, then her heat will not cool the water her inflammation

How many times have we had our neighbor of dignity if he didn’t find witnesses tomorrow

And many times we gave our neighbor from captivity to Leah, led by her pimp, what we dissuaded her

The generous ones and that their boat does not fill them and the bastards and that their boat is empty

The generous ones and if they said a hadith and a phoba and the bastards are spoken the one who is a liar

The generous ones are like counting from a rose that is watered and the bastards are not watered or watered

The best makes its Nile without its width and the bastards make its Nile in its necks

The generous ones expel their worries as long as they are determined and the bastards become their worries in their necks

The jawad is like a continent that is loved by Leah Dar Al-Bardan throws peaks in it

The two boxes of musk and amber for me opened its doors Jack didn’t have it

The best is like the full moon in the night of the Duja and the bastards unjustly lost from its mirage

The best ones are like Al-Durr in the lofty corn and the bastards are like the evil bitter taste

The best ones and that their tricks are not tricked and the bastards are the lowest tricks then he brought it

The bastards if they wash their hands the filth of the hearts will not be useful for the medicine

Do not make the best a disaster in terms of the weakness of the weak confrontation

Maybe the same thing that the generous ones have dignity may she not care about her youth

On you with the eye of the seeh Leah Jet ward vinegar Alkhbari Maha Hababa

May Allah erase an old woman from Subai bin Amer what she taught her peers in her youth

She has a son who didn’t have a day of booty except the word “agma” and then he brought it

I think Dar pulled a real relief, Oh House of Alkhana in its ruin

And I think a house where there is a mufarrej that must grow saffron its soil

A boy who oppresses money only meekness, even if he owns the whole world its hustle and bustle

After Mufarrej heard the poem, he realized that one of his sons had harassed the daughter of al-Mahadi, but he did not know who.

Continued – The story of Mufarrej Al-Subaie, the neighbor of Al-Mahadi:

Mufarrej returned to the place where he left his family and in the morning he called his eldest son and said to him with the intention of luring him to speak I hope you are a man and that I got some thing from the daughter of the Mahadi the son answered and said this is not our Marbtna Ali, my father, and I did not do it after that he called his middle son and asked him the same question and said the same answer as the eldest son then called his youngest son and asked him then the son said I wish you were a little patient and did not make it leave my father I am about to sign it.

Then he asked Mufarrej Sifah and slaughtered his son and informed his wife and children of the news and ordered his eldest son to take the head of his brother and put it in a bag called “Al-Kharj” and go to Al-Mahadi and deliver it to him and the son did what his father told him and returned and completed their march towards their tribe.

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