Corona Gaza Arrive at critical time

Corona Gaza Arrive at critical time

By Mohamed Ali Adwan


The siege and the economic situation. Harbinger of the explosion:

The Gaza Strip is living these days a battle for survival and living in dignity and banishing the specter of the siege that has been applied to all walks of life for more than 13 years, and it is no secret to anyone the difficult economic and social reality that the Strip lives due to the blockade and the high unemployment rates among the groups of society, which exceeded in some estimates 65%, which is one of the highest rates in the world and that nearly 70% of the population are below the poverty line. This is not to mention the problem of power cuts, drinking water pollution, the closure of crossings and the sea and land blockade imposed on the sector, all of this has put pressure on decision-makers in the sector and giving the green light and directing the compass to The return of peaceful marches and activities on the eastern and northern borders of the Gaza Strip in rejection of the current tragic reality.


The revolutionary youth. and pressure messages

The wealthy youth rose up on the borders of the Gaza Strip in a heroic peaceful epic in which they confronted the peaceful means of protest available to them, including balloons and primitive tools, through which they seek to deliver messages supported by the people and their factions to the occupation and to the entire international community that Gaza’s patience is running out.


Negotiating under fire:

While the situation between Gaza and the Israeli occupier is between hit-and-run and the use and waving of each party’s strengths, and the insistence of each of them to maintain the deterrence force and not to change the rules of engagement, we find that Gaza’s insistence at this time seems to be greater than the expectations of the past times, as there is a large mass rally of the people and factions to move forward to the end in breaking the siege, which did not leave human life a tangible impact in the Strip. Intermediaries, as the contacts between the Egyptian delegation and the Qatari ambassador were not interrupted and even The United Nations, all of which have not yet succeeded in restoring calm and things to the previous truce understandings.


Follow in Corona Gaza Arrive at critical time

Sk… and shuffle the leaves

During the current state of engagement and in light of the intransigence of the Israeli occupation and its insistence on imposing more punitive measures against Gaza, closing the crossings, imposing restrictions on the entry of goods and fuel, as well as individuals, and closing the sea completely, the conditions are more ripe than ever for military confrontation and a new round of escalation, but the surprise that was unexpected at this critical time is the first health announcement in Gaza on Monday 24/8 about the first cases of illness infected with the Corona virus from within the community, This prompted the government in Gaza to declare a state of emergency, impose a curfew and divide the Strip into four sections.


Upcoming scenarios:

The opinions of the public analysts in this area are divided into two parts, first, that Gaza, with this new bleeding wound inside the Strip, will become more retreating and preoccupied with itself, and with the increase in cases and loss of control, its main concern and concern will become the entry of medical supplies, ventilators, medicines and basic materials for the population, and therefore Gaza can waive a large part of its conditions to stop activities and events on the border. The second opinion is that Gaza, with the increase in its internal wound, will become a matter of blaming the occupation for the current conditions and the situation in the besieged Strip.

Follow in Corona Gaza Arrive at critical time

Thus, it will seek confrontation with the occupation and will insist more on its demands, and will even link the return of things to calm to the final lifting of the siege on the Gaza Strip and the entry of all aid from all sides, and this is what the Israeli press recently spoke about and fears within the political arena in the entity that the current conditions in the Gaza Strip in light of the spread of Corona and the continuation of balloons and protests on the borders and the factions’ adherence to their demands will become prepared and very close to the next military confrontation that Israel does not want at this time, especially with the great political gains. Which it has achieved recently as a result of the Arab normalization festivals expected to continue with Israel, will Israel recognize the demands of the factions in Gaza or that the military confrontation has become a matter of time and no more?

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