Annexation, freezing and required role

Annexation, freezing and required role


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With remarkable silence and faint noise, the first of July passed, The head of the colonial government did not announce his decision to annex and no further action was taken.

Several fundamental reasons behind the cancellation, postponement or installment of the annexation decision, Of which:

First of all: discord within the colony’s decision-making institutions, They have four positions:


1- Benjamin Netanyahu wants annexation for ideological reasons related to the conviction that the Palestinian West Bank is the heart of Jewish heritage, unlike the 48 areas, Jerusalem, Hebron, Bethlehem, Sebastia and Nablus are World Heritage Sites and landmarks unparalleled in the rest of Palestine. In doing so, it meets the aspirations of the ultra-Orthodox and increases its popularity among them. And by gaining the support of the settlers, He believes that the political circumstances are exceptional and unprecedented with this American enthusiasm by the American administration, Strong and disruptive reactions are not expected, Jerusalem was annexed, recognized by Washington and moved its embassy there, yet “ruined the world.”



2. The objection of the Israeli army and intelligence services to the annexation; Security is stable, Settlement is expanding, and the processes of Israelization and Judaization are continuing and accumulating. Security coordination with Ramallah is in place. The security truce with Gaza is irreproachable and there is no protest. Normalization relations with the majority of Arab countries are ongoing. Annexation may destabilize all these factors, Without further gains, it is only a potential loss and must be avoided from the point of view of the colony’s army and intelligence, whether in the Shinbit or the Mossad.



3- The lack of enthusiasm of the duo of Defense Minister Benny Gantz, and Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi for annexation given their military background as former generals, The fact that annexation is causing political trouble with European allies and with Arab parties, There is no urgency to impose annexation, Their priority is to tackle the coronavirus, unemployment and economic conditions.



4. The settlers shall require annexation to include the entire Palestinian Bank and not be limited to the lands of the settlements and the valley; It should not be linked to the approval of the establishment of a Palestinian state in Gaza and the rest of the Palestinian Bank.


Secondly: The American position, After the manifestations of opposition to the Trump plan in Europe and the Arab world, The American position appeared conservative on annexation and stipulated two conditions:


(a) The annexation decision must be unanimously approved by Israel.


(b) Netanyahu should declare his acceptance of a Palestinian state.


Continue in annexation, freezing and the required role


Washington’s envoy Avi Barkowitz, who replaced Greenblatt as the president’s envoy, met with With the parties of the colonial government, This had an impact on freezing or postponing annexation.



Thirdly: The Jordanian position, Many do not know that the Wadi Araba Treaty demarcated the Jordanian border with Palestine and excluded the map of the Palestinian Bank from demarcation. as occupied territory.


Negotiation is for the Palestinians, Therefore, the government of the colony may not unilaterally determine its future, because it was part of the territory of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan when it fell under Israeli occupation in 1967. Jordan bears the responsibility for its recovery and has abandoned its legal role in it to its owners, its Palestinian people and their leadership in 1988. He did not abandon it in favor of the occupation, Therefore, any unilateral Israeli decision on the Palestinian West Bank violates the content and entitlements of the Jordanian-Israeli treaty.



Jordan’s position represented a political spearhead towards Netanyahu’s decision to annex, in line with his positions: First: When Trump announced on 6/12/2017 his recognition of united Jerusalem as the capital of the Israeli colony.
2- When Trump announced on 28/1/2020 his plan called the Deal of the Century to settle the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.



As well as Jordan’s interests with Palestine, to protect its national and national security, which contradict the positions of Washington and Tel Aviv despite the strategic relations with them.
For these three fundamental reasons, Netanyahu’s position was not to implement annexation:


1- Israeli disputes,
2- The American,
3- Jordanian,
In addition to the European factor, they were repellent factors in the face of the factors pressing the imposition of annexation by the colonial government, as proposed by Netanyahu. But what is the Palestinian role, which is the most important element in the conflict? It is the objective, if not the only one, equivalent to the Israeli action. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is raging between the two projects: The Palestinian National Democratic in the face of the Israeli colonial project.


Continue in annexation, freezing and the required role

The importance of the Palestinian factor lies not only in the presence of a human factor inside their homeland, which is a strategic element in the failure of the Israeli expansionist project. But its importance lies in its struggle against the occupation, In making the project of occupation, expansion and settlement costly, And it is not, now, The occupation of 67 areas is a profitable project for Israelis for five reasons:



1- Ideological considering the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) as the land of Israel.


2- Security.


3- Consumer market.


4- A source of cheap labor.


5- Water and food stocks.


Yet, despite the superiority of the colony’s capabilities, We must remember that the Palestinians have two experiences in making the occupation costly as they forced it to retreat, withdraw and acquiesce.


The first experience following the 1987 uprising forced Yitzhak Rabin to admit for the first time to:
1- The Palestinian people,
2- The PLO,


3. The legitimate political rights of the Palestinian people, The Oslo Accords of 1993, On the basis of this agreement, the following were made:


1- Gradual withdrawal from Palestinian cities from Gaza and Jericho first.



2- The birth of the National Authority is a prelude to the birth of the Palestinian state.



3- The return of the late President Yasser Arafat with more than 350,000 Palestinians.



But this achievement and this result were sabotaged and reversed and Rabin paid with his life for it. Because in the eyes of the extreme right and ultra-Orthodox “betrayed Israel and gave up its land” and Yasser Arafat paid with his life to counter the Israeli retreat for the sake of the issues of Jerusalem and refugees.


The second experience was the aftermath of the 2000 intifada, which forced Sharon to leave the Gaza Strip after the dismantling of settlements and the removal of Israeli army bases in 2005.
The Palestinian people and their leaders have nothing but to recall their experience and achievements. and study the causes of its failures, It does not need teachers and mentors, He is the teacher and the most capable of confronting the enemy because he is in his homeland and in the heart of the Israeli monster and is good at dealing with him through creative tools that make his occupation, expansion and colonization costly and force him to leave.

Has the Palestinian action risen to the level of the Israeli action to make it costly?

The Palestinian Authority, Fatah and those with it rejected annexation, so the president decided:


1- Freezing the understanding and coordination with the enemy on May 20, 2020.


2- Holding national conferences successively in the city of Jericho on Monday, June 22, In the village of Fasayil on Wednesday, June 24, In the village of Bardala on Saturday, June 27, On the land of the Palestinian valley.


3- Joint press conference between Jibril Rajoub and Fatah, Saleh al-Aruri – Hamas, As an expression of freezing differences on Thursday 2/7/2020, The Hamas authority in Gaza pushed for a mass demonstration to express rejection of annexation, and all its leaders announced that options are open to all possibilities. Good words and threatening and arrived But these manifestations have no value in the balance of actions!..


It is required to organize steps commensurate with the risks and challenges in order to reach:


1- A common political program.


2. A unified representative institution.


3- Agreed tools of struggle.


This will not be without the Secretaries-General of the political factions meeting to approve the policy, program and tools required.
Palestinians need action, not storytelling.


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