What is needed to do about the Palestinian refugee issue

What is needed to do about the Palestinian refugee issue


By Dr. Essam Muhammad Ali Adwan


The Palestinian refugee issue has been in place for seventy-two years. For many reasons, Not least of which is the complacency of the Arabs and the international community towards a sensitive and serious issue that affects international security of this magnitude. These long years have proven that the Palestinian people are betting on them to the extent to which they uphold their rights and not compromise them.


Therefore, it must be supported and supported in all forums, The first of this support starts from the Palestinian leadership itself. which must believe in its people and their rights and abilities, and to move them among the nations, Because the Palestinian cause is a just cause that needs a diligent person to advance it.


The action is not limited to the Palestinians, even if they are the beginning, Rather, it extends to include the Arab and Islamic nations, all countries of the world, theUnited Nations and its organizations. The Palestinian leadership must not declare its impotence in the face of a highly successful cause. While she did not do the least duty to her, Here are some things to do:




  • The Palestinian leadership’s attachment to the rights of Palestinian refugees, Organize international campaigns to affirm the legitimacy of their rights to return and compensation, And publicize international resolutions in the face of counter-campaigns. And take advantage of its embassies spread in ninety countries.


  • Establishing a unitary framework that includes all Palestinian organizations working for refugee rights, To raise their issues and properly represent them before the international community.


  • Adopting a comprehensive definition that prevents the concept of Palestinian refugees and seeks to internationalize it. In this regard, the definition approved by the Palestinian Legislative Council in 2008 could be examined and adopted.


  • Forming and supporting popular committees operating in refugee camps inside and outside Palestine to address UNRWA’s cuts and attempts to gradually withdraw from its services to refugee camps.


  • The Palestinian leadership’s efforts to obtain their consent to grant Palestinian political rights to Palestinian refugees in their territories; In other words, their right to have an electoral register and parties, And their participation in the election of the Palestinian National Council and candidacy for its membership.





  • Not to normalize or recognize Israel before it responds to the 2007 Arab Initiative, which called for an agreed just solution to the Palestinian refugee issue. And the need for the Arab countries to abide by this minimum that they themselves have approved.


  • Support Palestinians in their efforts to promote the legitimacy of refugee rights; Demand the implementation of the relevant international resolutions.


  • Allow Palestinians in Arab countries to participate in Palestinian politics through elections to the PalestinianNational Council and the formation of Palestinian parties.


  • Improving the living conditions of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.

Follow up on what is needed to do towards the Palestinian refugee issue



  • Non-Arab Islamic countries can, There are more than 35 countries, Many of them have international weight, And she has many friends in the world, To affirm at the United Nations and through international organizations the rights of Palestinian refugees, The adoption of an inclusive definition of Palestinian refugees thwarts all Zionist conspiracies aimed at dissolving him.


  • Islamic countries can, Many of them are among the donor countries of UNRWA, to prevent the deterioration of UNRWA services, And pressure through the United Nations General Assembly to continue the renewal of UNRWA and the allocation of a core budget to it from the United Nations Fund to ensure the stability of its work.


  • Friendly organizations and parties in the Islamic world must realize that supporting the oppressed is worship by which we draw closer to God. The Holy Land deserves all the support and support of the peoples of the Islamic world, land and holy sites. and a people. Among other things, it can be provided: Opening the way for Palestinians in these countries to promote their cause, and facilitate their access to local media in these countries, And allow them to form working groups to serve their causes.


  • The Arab and Islamic oil countries can agree through their weight in OPEC, To increase only one dollar on the price of a barrel of oil to support the Palestinian cause and Palestinian refugees, So that these accumulated funds are provided as development projects for the Palestinians, and support UNRWA, and support the Palestinian Authority. This step will be the largest and most important financial, developmental, media and political step in support of the rights of the Palestinian people and their just cause.


  • Imposing isolation on Israel to force it to submit to international resolutions.


The impact on the international community, and foreign countries, The United Nations is subject to these three levels that have been mentioned above, No international breakthrough in favour of the Palestinian refugee cause can be achieved before then. We will find friendly countries of the world standing by the Palestinian right if they find Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims taking a serious stand by it.

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