Don’t believe Turki Alfaisal.

Don’t believe Turki Alfaisal.


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I followed with interest Turki Al-Faisal’s remarks at the Normalization Forum in Bahrain, in which he criticized the behavior of ‘Isra El’, saying that she
A foreign colonial state, and what attracted me more was the extreme flattery from Hamas and the authority, and the race to design what is
For example, the Hamas spokesman said that this is the true Arab nationalist position, as if Hamas believes in Arab nationalism.
I listened to the expressions of extreme praise from representatives of the authority and even its political analysts, as they denied the stigma of normalization on Saudi Arabia, and we have some remarks.


In political analysis, we must take into account several factors, including the subject or statement and the owner of the statement.
And the place of the declaration, the time of the declaration, the occasion of the declaration, the audience of the declaration, the media, the press and television outlet
And the language used, the vocabulary used, and the position of the political saying, i.e. what is its importance in the country, and is it still on
His job or is he retired or a former official, then does he speak in a personal capacity or express the opinion of his state.


First, he said he was expressing his personal opinion.


Second: He expressed his opinion in a normalization forum that he should have objected to and not attended, and even asked Bahrain not to hold it
His mere presence means that he agrees to normalization, and we know that Bahrain does not depart from what the ruling family in Saudi Arabia wants.


Third: He is not at work and does not express his country’s official policy in the statement issued by him.
Fourth: This prince is one of the first typographers and we saw him in more than one forum in Europe with the Israelis, and his speech was different.



Fifth: He and Bandar, his brother-in-law, are among the leading typographers and contacts with the Israelis secretly and publicly.
Sixth: He gave a description of Israel’s behavior and what it practices against the Palestinians, and this talk can be said by any human being.
But for example, he did not say that we would boycott Israel or support the BDSmovement, which is a legal movement.


Follow in don’t believe Turki Alfaisal

And it has a lot of supporters worldwide Seventh, he did not give his speech and came out protesting the presence of the former Minister of War
The general who launched destructive wars on Gaza and Lebanon Eighth, he said his word in the wake of Netanyahu’s scandalous visit
To the land of the Two Holy Mosques, which leaked very maliciously, and which was not denied even by Netanyahu, who said, do not believe everything
Something said in the media and this brief response comes in the context of constructive ambiguity and does not mean that he denied the matter.
As reported in the press, he made this statement at the request of Kushner. Ninth, there were many visits to the entity.
The Zionist from Saudi officials, headed by General Eshki and others, and this is when Turki was the security official
Number one in Saudi Arabia tenth, why didn’t we hear such a statement with the same language and power from the King or his crown prince or
The Minister of Foreign Affairs, for example, at the Twentieth Forum, which took place in Saudi Arabia in the presence of the twenty most powerful countries in the world, eleventh.



It seems that Netanyahu’s visit, as well as the ongoing normalization campaign and its exposure in the media, harmed the status of al Saud and took a lot
Of their credit, especially Netanyahu’s secret visit, which is said that King Solomon did not know about, so he asked Amir Bala
Responsibilities to shout this statement, which can easily be eliminated by saying that Turki does not express the opinion of the state, but rather
His personal opinion and the opinion of the state can be taken from the Minister of Foreign Affairs, for example.


For this haste of adulation and fawning by some Palestinian organizations, especially Hamas, which has dozens of prisoners
Those who suffer in the Kingdom’s prisons are flattery and fawning that is exposed and exposed and ridiculous and because he exaggerated in saying
Something that does not exist in the first place, so the study of any statement must be carefully and knowledge of the circumstance in which it was said and the purpose of
Permit so as not to fall into the prohibited .

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