What are the steps to designing an attractive book cover?

What are the steps to designing an attractive book cover?



Many believe that the cover of the book does not affect readers when they buy the book, But this is not true, This is because choosing a suitable and attractive cover for the book, Increases the percentage of readers buying this book, The cover is an important and effective marketing tool, To promote the book and thus increase sales.


There is a study conducted on about 616 readers, It was concluded that 89% of them believe that the cover of the book has a significant impact on their decision to buy the book. Also, 40% of them refuse to buy a book if the cover is poor.


Therefore, Al Sharq Center offers you effective and important tips that help you choose an attractive cover for the book…


First of all: How to choose a book cover design idea. It is important in the book to be clear enough and express the content of the book in order to arouse the desire of readers to buy it. Because the cover is based on images and visual effects that reflect the imagination of the writer.


How to choose an attractive book cover?


1. Understand the needs of the author.


The author must clearly communicate the idea of the book to the designer. Constant communication with the designer to follow up on the work. Inform the designer of the covers of the author’s previous works, if any.


2. Understand the content of the book.


It is important for the designer to read the book summary before designing so that he can create a distinct design that matches the content. It is not reasonable to write about love and the content of the book is science fiction. Differentiate between the novel’s cover and the book.


It doesn’t make sense to design a cover that should be complementary to the title of the book and not similar.


3. Know where to sell the book before designing.


You must know where the book will be sold? Knowing where to sell books influences the design process. The design varies from whether the book will be published electronically or printed on paper. The design of the book electronically should highlight the title of the book in a clear and attractive font. The cover of the printout highlights the visual image.


4. Study the elements of the cover is the basics of design:


Front cover: The first part of the cover includes the images, the title of the book, the name of the author, the publishing destination, and the subtitle, if any.


Back cover: The back of the cover includes an important paragraph in the book or marketing phrases, A biography of the author, if any.


Cover heel: The name of the book can be written again, along with the name of the author and the year of publication.



What are the steps to book cover design?


After all the above information is agreed, the design of the book cover begins…


The most prominent steps in designing the book cover:


Step One: Find inspiration and unique ideas


Study your target market See the titles of bestsellers in the same field Use the Internet in the search process. Take quick notes about the covers you’ve seen. There are platforms that may help you like Amazon and Pinterest search. Study the book covers that have attracted your target market.


Second Step: Choose the design program.


Here you start choosing the right design software for your needs such as…


Adobe InDesign


Adobe Photoshop




Adobe Illustrator


Step Three: Determine the dimensions of the casing.


One of the basics of designing a professional book cover… Determine the dimensions of the casing before starting the design process. Taking into account the requirements of the target market, If the book is electronic, It is better that the size of the casing should not be less than 1000 pixels. The cover is in JPEG or TIFF format.
The dimensions of the cover of printed books are different from electronic.


Step Four: Select the visuals carefully.



A designer needs images that support the cover idea and can get these images through… Use free images to respect property rights.


Like the Pixabay platform
and Flickr Flickr.


With the need for accuracy in choosing colors and font size.


Step Five: Evaluate the book cover design.


The design you have chosen must be tested. Pay attention to comments and observations from the target audience, Or your colleagues and family members about the design. Pay close attention to reviews and take advantage of them in the development of the design.


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Top tips for designing a book cover:


1- The cover photo must reflect the content of the book professionally to attract the target audience. Make sure you can read the cover speech, and use appropriate fonts with the content of the book, There are lines that express romance and lines that express adventure.


2- Attention to the back cover is no less important than the front cover, Because it includes new details and a powerful description of the book. Important put a brief biography of the writer in the back cover.


3- Try to make the best use of the book cover space due to its small size to facilitate readers’ comprehension. If the author has previous works, The cover should be designed in a homogeneous pattern with the covers of previous books, To build a distinctive brand for the author.


4- Make an effort to choose a concise and accurate title for the book that expresses the content of the book in a creative way.



5. Pay good attention to the heel of the cover, Sometimes bookstores place the cover heel instead of the front cover to attract customers.


In the end, a good book cover design builds a strong brand for the author. It builds in readers a kind of permanent remembrance of this work, If a writer succeeds in designing an innovative book cover , He will gain fame and achieve great sales. Therefore, Al Sharq Center offers you the best quality book cover design, by a group of the best designers in the center.

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