The most prominent mistakes made by researchers during the preparation of scientific research.

The most prominent mistakes made by researchers during the preparation of scientific research.


Al Sharq Center website is keen to help researchers and writers to enable them to write scientific research

their own efficiently without making common mistakes while writing their compositions.


There are a lot of mistakes that researchers make when writing scientific research or book while writing

their writings, It makes them take longer to write the paper, make a lot of edits, and make more effort.

To avoid these mistakes, we offeryou some tips for preparing a research plan and a scientific thesis.

Without making any mistakes.

What are the most common mistakes while writing scientific research?


1. Insufficient knowledge of the difference between the basic components of the research plan and the basic components of the scientific thesis.


Researchers often confuse the order in which a thesis is written with the order in which a research plan is written.



2. Language errors:


Many researchers fall into linguistic errors that make scientific research weak and are rejected, such as…– Errors of connecting and cutting and not differentiating between them.

– The use of openings and fractures in the wrong places, Next to spelling and grammar errors.

For English, Using tenses is wrong, which changes the meaning.

– Numbering errors: A common mistake when writing a scientific paper is the numbering of the cover page in

Theses & Research

But the right thing is…

Numbering from the page of the first chapter.

Numbering the introduction page when writing the research plan.

Keep the same number sequence contained in the research plan during the page numbering of appendices.


In an article, follow the most prominent mistakes made by researchers during the preparation of scientific research.

3. Error of defining the research plan, Or Thesis:

We find many students and researchers make the mistake of writing the name of the scientific thesis on the research plan

And vice versa, The right way to know scientific research is to write a research plan presented

To complete the degree ” …. The degree “Master – PhD” shall be written as required.


4. Not using spaces correctly especially when numbering:

We find that many students make mistakes when leaving spaces between speech or while writing punctuation marks,

For example, they take a space and then put the punctuation mark, But the correct form is to stick the punctuation mark

by the word and then take a space, With a space between the other word, Like it is still being written.


5. Errors in the use of “Terms used”

There are some mistakes in writing terms that students do not notice while writing the research, Like writing aiming

Study to… In the same research, the researcher writes…

Therefore, you should pay close attention while writing these and other terms, and turn to a center to help you

in proofreading.

Al Sharq Center offers you the best research experts to help you get your scientific research out.

In the best shape.


6. Documentation errors:

One of the common mistakes in documentation while writing the research, specifically when writing the documentation page, is..

The researcher does not write all the references used in the research pages, although they are mentioned in the body of the research.

Wrongly documenting the reference, such as adding a period at the end of a paragraph and then placing the documentation, Method

The correct ones are to document the source first and then place the endpoint.

Add more than one reference in one documentation, Especially when the references are for the same researcher, And the way

The correct is to write each reference separately, The bibliography should not be numbered.


7. Overquote and misquote:


This mistake may cause student researchers to re-research again. Therefore, a distinction must be made between.

A short quote of less than 40 words at most and a long quotation of no more than 40

A word at most, And he is well employed.

The researcher’s preservation of intellectual rights and scientific honesty when attributing quotations to their owner, specifically when

Documenting a reference to more than one author or documenting a reference to an unknown author and source, Or when documenting a translated source

And when documenting references in general.


8. Methodological errors:

One of the methodological mistakes that researchers make is writing research hypotheses such as..

* Write sub-questions before the main and pivotal questions.

* Wrongly formulated hypotheses.

* Inability to correctly identify the research problem:

Where the research problem is the biggest obstacle standing in front of student researchers, Where there are a lot of students

who cannot express the importance of the research issue addressed by the research, Nor do they

They can highlight its difference from previous studies prepared in the same field.

Therefore, student researchers should review their research with a trusted center, Therefore, the center offers you

Al Sharq is a group of the best Arabic language experts to help you avoid and correct all mistakes

In which the researcher may fall.

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