The capital of the Palestinian diaspora and pledge of allegiance to the resistance program

The capital of the Palestinian diaspora and pledge of allegiance to the resistance program


By Ayman Ismail


Three kilometers southeast of the Lebanese city of Sidon, On an area of one square kilometer, Nearly 15,000 Palestinians left after the Nakba of 48 in the hope of return. The Palestinian refugee camp, which was established in this part of southern Lebanon, was called, despite the harshness of living in it, “Ain al-Hilweh” because of the sweetness of the water of the eye that feeds that area. I do not know whether the water was kept as such or whether it was troubled by the turmoil of the political and economic environment and the dust of fighting and war. Until 2017, the camp includes about 130,000 people (unofficial local statistics). It was named the capital of the Palestinian diaspora because of the dense population of the camp, which is considered the largest among the Palestinian refugee camps in the surrounding countries (12 of which are in Lebanon). The difficult events and changes witnessed are a testimony to the Palestinian revolution.



In a majestic scene:


Joy and heartburn mix in it, And in a picture that shed her eyes, After a long absence from the alleys of the camp, Thousands of people from Ain al-Hilweh went out to receive the head of the Palestinian resistance, represented by the Sheikh HaniyehThe Commander-in-Chief of Hamas and head of its political bureau, who is visiting Lebanese territory as part of a schedule of political visits by the movement’s leadership, and in a warm welcome and under the umbrella of national consensus and the spirit of unity that flooded the meeting of the secretaries-general of the Palestinian factions, the reception was on the land of Ain al-Hilweh.



reading with the naked eye of the scene, Without resorting to analytical studies, refers to a referendum and national pledge of allegiance to the capital of the Palestinian diaspora on the Hamas-led resistance program, If we are talking about the capital of the diaspora, this is a representation of all the Palestinian diaspora, It is not surprising that Ein al-Hilweh is one of the largest strongholds of Fatah, Hamas’s political rival, which represents the anti-resistance compromise program, On the basis of non-violence according to Oslo _ abroad, How about websites affiliated with Islamic currents?! ،

Follow in the capital of the Palestinian diaspora and pledge of allegiance to the resistance program


In order not to confuse the reader with any disagreement about the writer’s view of the stage regarding Palestinian unity, It is impossible in principle; the resistance program and the Oslo theory cannot meet at all. Rather, political circumstances put pressure once on one side and another on the other. And every time the crisis turns to his brother for a temporary victory, Then, if he emerges from his crisis, he returns to the square of political hostility.



Reception scene:


It was punctuated by Hamas military operatives, I do not know if armed elements are a Palestinian heritage and something usual in refugee camps in Lebanon and other neighboring countries. Or has Hamas begun to establish a new phase of the conflict with the enemy, in which the territories of neighboring countries will be used to launch military operations against the enemy in the occupied territories? Especially in light of the intensification of the conflict on the northern front of occupied Palestine, I do not rule this out, as the photo that brought His Eminence the Sayyid together with the head of the political bureau was present and on the agenda of visiting Lebanese territory.



Visiting Lebanese territory in itself scratched the Egyptian guardianship over the Palestinian decision stemming from the sadism of geography. The analysis indicated the condition of the Egyptian neighbor not to include the Republic of Iran and the Lebanese state in the program of Mr. Haniyeh’s foreign tour. When she allowed him to leave through the Rafah crossing, With the inclusion of justification for the desire of the occupation to do so, to get out of embarrassment, The Hamas leadership delegation visited the two countries. In reference to the lack of guardianship over the decision of the Palestinian resistance.





The statesmanship of Mr. Haniyeh was clear and overwhelmed the scene, His meetings were not limited to those affiliated with the axis of resistance, And it was not limited to public attendance and kissing the hands of the children of the camp, Rather, the meetings included various Lebanese parties that gave the resistance movement a presence and political momentum in the region. Mr. Haniyeh cleverly decorated the scene by appearing behind him the image of the late Arafat on Palestine TV and from the Palestinian embassy in Beirut. To complement the image of political harmony that dominates the stage.

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