Reconciliation. Little by little

Reconciliation. Little by little


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It is not wise to downplay the size of the Palestinian step towards reconciliation and ending the division. Which was evident in the joint press conference between the Secretary General of Fatah’s Central Committee, Jibril Rajoub, Deputy Head of Hamas’ Political Bureau, Saleh Al-Arouri.


The pandemic of the Zionist plan to steal and annex about a third of the occupied West Bank , Revealing the features of a rapprochement between the two opposing movements, As the first Palestinian step to confront the Zionist plan.


The mere presence of leaders of the two movements at a joint press conference has become an optimistic sign that the division is coming to an end soon. After overcoming the demons of details that were exploding any attempt at agreement between the two parties, For 14 years, of internal division.



After 14 years of strife, division, divergence and disharmony, We are not caught in the illusion of achieving reconciliation by mere encounter, But the focus is on understanding and partial coordination between Fatah and Hamas in the face of the dangers that threaten our cause, Foremost among them is the annexation plan, It needs both sides to overlook the many differences between them, and unite under one heading, To repel the Zionist plan that targets us all.



It is wise to review issues such aspresidential and legislative elections, reform of the PLO, condemnation of the PA’s path and its absurd negotiations, criticism of Hamas’ rule over Gaza and flattening of military resistance action in the Gaza Strip in favor of building on the existing points of convergence between the two parties and uniting them against the plan to annex the West Bank.


Continue in reconciliation. Little by little


Partial reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah in the face of the decision to rob and annex, If the intentions continue and the intentions are reconciled, it will be only the beginning of an agreement to overcome the division completely, but gradually.
It is unfair and a sign of harmful urgency to demand, from the first meeting, a plan to coordinate and organize joint movements in the West Bank or the Gaza Strip. Or even the distribution of diplomatic work between the two parties.



Although this is urgently needed to dispel doubts about the use of power and to open these meetings as a tool to pressure Israel and America to return to the path of the comedy of futile negotiations.



Perhaps the acceleration of Zionist annexation and swallowing plans has not left the Palestinians the luxury of procrastination and waiting. We no longer have a choice but to draw up a Palestinian national charter. Seeking the opinions of experts and wise men to shape the new strategy, This leads to practical programs that can be adopted by the masses towards confronting Zionist aggressions.



Meetings are necessary and must intensify, But it must take incrementally the character of specific work programs and focus on the content after the courtesy phase is over

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