Ramadan pauses and lights

*Ramadan pauses and lights*


By: a. Mahmoud Adwan Beings


The month of fasting passes us every year with its spiritual breaths, which is almost endless, The thirtieth guest visits us in a hurry, Allah (SWT) speaks to us in His Qur’an, saying: ﴿ A few days, and whoever of you is sick or on a journey, then several other days, and those who tolerate him as a ransom for poor food, whoever volunteered for good, it is good for him, and fasting is better for you, if you know ﴾ [Al-Baqarah: 184].



Therefore, it is a few days that the Qur’an has warned us about by describing it as a few days, i.e.: Few or temporary with a known number[1], the month of fasting hastens to leave as a guest who does not want to burden his guest, wants us to improve his hospitality as well as his hospitality and generosity, and he was disappointed and lost those who looked at him like the rest of the months of life, and did not change anything, or did not increase in his good deeds only a little. Our prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, says:
Despite the nose of a man I mentioned to him and he did not reach me Despite the nose of a man who entered upon Ramadan and then was torn off before he could be forgiven, Despite the nose of a man whose parents realized his greatness, they did not enter him into Paradise.”[2]


The situation of Muslims today bloodied hearts except from the womb, and there is nothing wrong with wasting useless times, and the media around us has become proficient in the methods of killing ages, and preoccupation with fun wasting duties and remembrance and the rest of the obedience, and we do not know or we know that we will ask about every minute that passed in our ages and in the hadith: ” Two blessings in which many people are wronged: health, and emptiness“[3].


Ramadan pauses and lights
Health will not remain the same throughout life, so disease or age will come that will prevent us from fasting. We will be busy from time to time to stay away from opening the Qur’an or sitting alone with God and remembering Him and asking for His forgiveness. What we need, during this holy month, is to remember our brothers who were afflicted by Corona disease and were unable to fast or rise.


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Health Benefits in Ramadan – Al Sharq Center for Research and Culture


The month of fasting is a season to better use the times by being busy in the rest of the year. Fasting in it increases our health as long as we have not yet returned to the degradation of life, so congratulations to those who fasted and approached God with the delicacies of deeds, speech and obedience before the delicacies of eating, tastes and drink.



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Fasting has benefits and wisdom that the maqam cannot accommodate, but there is nothing wrong with some of it, especially since the pre-Islamic environment in which the Qur’an was revealed was thirsty for this guidance from heaven to take off the burdens of the body burdened with desires.


Follow also in Ramadan vigils and lights


“The conditions of nations prevail in their ignorance, Especially the Arabs, it is the increase in eating pleasures of food and alcohol and the fun of women and Da’a, All of this provides physical and blood forces in the bodies, The animal natures in man are strengthened from the erotic power and the power of anger and overwhelm the rational force, So the laws came with the law of fasting, because it fulfills the refinement of those forces. As it prevents man from increasing the stimuli of their excess, The result is that it is modified at certain times and is supposed to be sufficient for other times.“[4]



Therefore, fasting is polite to the body from desires, And the elevation of the spirit to the heights, and the man who created him from both materials is justified, And these desires are locked up during fasting, He leaves room for the soul to feed the spiritual food that is saved for the rest of the year, In Anas and rises and rises, And whoever tastes knows, And whoever knows has been seduced.


This state of transcendence is uneven among human beings in general, is scaled up with it as a phased step, Man does not reach the desired perfection worthy of the Caliph of the earth unless he walks with his spirit to those perfections that God worships us by walking towards them little by little.



Hojjatoleslam Al-Ghazali“Know that fasting has three degrees: fasting in general, fasting in particular, and fasting in particular. As for the general fast, it is the cessation of the abdomen and the release from the fulfillment of lust, while the special fast is the cessation of hearing, sight, tongue, hand, man and all other limbs from sins. With regard to fasting in particular, the heart is fasted from worldly digestion and worldly thoughts, and it is completely forbidden to do anything other than Allah Almighty.”[5].


Ramadan pauses and lights

Each of us should expose himself to those degrees, He asks himself: Where am I from it? Is fasting in general sufficient to abandon pleasures and not forbidden things? Or is his fast the special fast in which attachment to the world remains? Or is his fast the fast of the pious who love his people, Those who are transcendent for every other job, And how happy we are if our Lord chooses us and makes us of them, O God, we ask you to be one of them.



We ask Allah the Almighty, Lord of the Holy Throne, to bless us in the month of Ramadan, And to guide us and the Muslims to exploit the right of exploitation to win the private fast, May God accept our fasting and deeds, and may God have mercy on those who died from Corona and did not fast this year, And write to him with the intention of fasting completely and rising, And keep away from us and the Muslims the evil of diseases and pains He is kind to us, has mercy on us, repents of us, and returns us to Him in response to all of us, for He is a responsive relative and the last of our prayers is that praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.


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[2] Narrated by Muslim (2551) briefly towards him, and Tirmidhi (3545).

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