Lecture entitled “History of Jerusalem” in the Zionist Era C2

Lecture entitled “History of Jerusalem” in the Zionist Era C2

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Demolition of the Moroccan Quarter:


The most important event after the occupation of Jerusalem was the Zionist machine’s survey of the entireAl-Maghariba neighborhood from existence. The Rabbi of Israel asked Metwally Waqf al-Moghrabi to evacuate the mosque and the honorary corner that is completely adjacent to the wall of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Then the entire neighborhood was demolished, and the aim was to expand the square opposite the Western Wall, that wall, which was the subject of a long and bitter conflict that lasted for many centuries. This has led to the displacement of more than 6,000 Palestinians from Jerusalem in general and the Moroccan neighborhood in particular. During the demolition of 135 houses, It is worth mentioning that most of these properties are Islamic endowment, However, Israel did not bother him with this, flouting all international laws and norms.


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Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel:



The culmination of all measures aimed at Judaizing Jerusalem was the resolution approved by the Israeli Knesset in 1980, which was the essence of its theme that Jerusalem is the one united and eternal capital of the State of Israel and contains the seat of government and the Knesset.
International responses ranged from condemning to denouncing this measure and demanding that Israel reverse this decision. This rejection culminated in the adoption of Security Council Resolution 478, which stated that this resolution is contrary to international law and is legally and internationally invalid. The resolution also stipulated that all countries that had established their diplomatic missions in Jerusalem should be withdrawn.


Israeli measures against Jerusalem:


There were many Zionist means aimed at Judaizing Jerusalem, From the imposition of multiple taxes and the enactment of laws and policies of displacement and deportation.





Israel has imposed many taxes on Arabs in Jerusalem at high rates, It is four times more than what the Zionist settler pays to increase pressure on the Arabs, their emigration from the city and the closure of their shops. Israel then confiscates them along with their contents, and in this way many settler shops in Jerusalem have leaked.



  • Arnona tax: It is the housing tax where Arabs pay it in high sums. Together, these taxes have led to the closure of many shops and the abandonment of their owners, and Israel has imprisoned anyone who violates the law or delays payment. Some merchants ended up working in Israeli factories in search of their children’s livelihood.


Unfair Laws:



  • The Absentee Property Law, which was issued in 1967, recognizes that every Palestinian who left the West Bank is considered absent, as Israel surveyed the population after the occupation, and all those who are not counted are considered absentees. Their property has been transferred to the Custodian of Absentee Property.


  • Compensation Law: These laws provide for the compensation of the Arab population for confiscated property, whether real estate or land.


  • Registered State Land Law: Two-thirds of the land in the West Bank was unregistered as the land registration process carried out by the Jordanian government was not completed. Israel considered it the land of a state, namely the land of the dead, the land of the princely and the land of the abandoned.


  • Other laws include the Practice of Work Act, Education programming laws were issued in Jerusalem, The Identity Revocation Law and other political and social laws limit the Arab presence in Jerusalem and its suburbs.


Displacement and deportation:


Displacement and Transfer Policy:


  • The policy of expelling Arabs from Jerusalem is one of the means adopted by Israel in order to create a new reality in which Jews are the majority in Jerusalem, and successive Israeli governments have developed plans for this. It was nominated through statements announced by Sharon on the occasion of the 38th anniversary of the occupation of East Jerusalem.


  • Shimon Peres also declared the need for the mass displacement of Palestinians from Jerusalem, This is a flagrant violation of human rights principles and international law.


  • It is noteworthy that Israel has been constantly removing residency cards from Arab citizens of Jerusalem. It required all residents to prove their residency regularly and anyone who violated it would be stripped of residency.

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