Lecture entitled “History of Jerusalem” in the Zionist Era C3

Lecture entitled “History of Jerusalem” in the Zionist Era C3

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Burning of Al-Aqsa Mosque in 1969:



If Al-Aqsa Mosque is the symbol of the Arab presence in Jerusalem, it is natural that it will witness threats and calls to burn it, in light of the Israeli Judaization policies that have already been discussed. The day came when part of their wishes were fulfilled when a departed Zionist settler entered the Al-Aqsa Mosque and set it on fire. The fire destroyed large parts of it, especially the pulpit of Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi, Fire trucks were called from the municipality of Ramallah and Hebron, while the fire trucks of the occupied Jerusalem municipality were present at the place without bothering to pump a drop of water on these fires. This is a clear indication that the fire was planned and prepared for it maliciously.



As usual, the countries of the world denounced this crime committed by the Zionist Ma Yakel Rohan without taking any actual action. Israel claimed that Rohan was a moron, and therefore released him. The list of people who are sick is long, As if the suffering from the Zionists is programmed only to harm the Arabs and not the Jews???? Or that everything is in their minds but to harm the Palestinians.
Camp David Accords 1978.



  • This agreement was concluded between Israel and Egypt after the 1973 Arab-Israeli War, or what is known as the October War.


  • Jerusalem was dropped from the Camp David documents, but this does not mean that Egypt neglected Jerusalem, as its status as a just cause remained, as it was approved by many international conferences and laws, especially those issued by the Security Council.


  • It is noteworthy that Egypt treated Jerusalem as an occupied territory to be a city for followers of all monotheistic religions.


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Zionist settlement in Jerusalem:



Israel has pursued a settlement policy aimed at increasing the number of Jews and reducing the number of Arabs in it, including the establishment of settlements in East Jerusalem, racist practices against Arabs in Jerusalem, and the closure of Jerusalem to Arabs from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.



Establishment of settlements:



After 1967, Israel began building settlements in Jerusalem without taking into account international treaties and covenants such as the Fourth Geneva Convention. It encouraged and supported Jews with more than 80 percent and confiscated 34 percent of East Jerusalem’s land, with 53 percent allocated to settlers.
In order to expand the borders of Jerusalem, neighboring settlements such as Ma’ale Adamim and the settlements of Antot and Mishor… Etcetera.
Israel also continued to draw plans to control as much of Jerusalem as possible, in 1993 a new border was drawn for the city to reach 600 km, which is large compared to the size of the West Bank.

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