Land Settlement Project. The final Zionist blow

Land Settlement Project. The final Zionist blow

For occupied Jerusalem


(Swallow the city administratively project)

The Zionist occupation accelerates its continuous steps and attempts to annex all parts of the illegally occupied city of Jerusalem, Through the implementation and registration of the land settlement plan, which resulted from its comprehensive discriminatory apartheid regime, Impunity for its crimes and violations of international law, including the seizure of the land and property of the Palestinian people, forced displacement, expropriation, Denying them their inalienable rights to return to their land with the larger goal of changing the demographic character of the city in favor of the Jewish majority.


The Zionist occupation government has takenOn May 13, 2018, Resolution No. 3790, entitled “Reducing Socio-Economic Gaps and Developing the Economy in East Jerusalem”, one of the most important provisions of the resolution is “Land Planning and Registration”, according to which the occupation, through a committee supervised by its so-called Ministry of Justice, will settle all the lands of occupied East Jerusalem, and its work will end by the end of 2025. In the same decision, the government approved a budget of $ 560 million, for a period of 5 years, to strengthen its control over occupied East Jerusalem, of which $ 14 million was allocated specifically for the land settlement process.


Until 2018, 90% of the land in East Jerusalem was unsettled. It constitutes about 30% of the entire area of Jerusalem, according to Jerusalem municipality records. In order to proceed with the settlement of all these lands, The Settlement Committee, headed by the so-called Israeli Ministry of Justice, was formed. It will work to level the land of East Jerusalem so that 50% of it will be settled by the end of 2021. The settlement of the remaining land will be completed by the end of 2025. Implementing these plans means that Palestinians need to prove their ownership of their property. Which in turn will burden them financially and procedurally.


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Even if they succeed, They have been forced to pay huge amounts of taxes on their property from 1967 to today, sums that most residents of the Holy City cannot afford. The occupation continues its policy of Judaizing East Jerusalem and creating new facts on the ground that may turn its withdrawal from East Jerusalem into an impracticable matter. It is important to note that the launch of Resolution 3790 in 2018 coincided with the move of the US embassy to Jerusalem. The East Jerusalem Land Settlement Law, After more than half a century of occupation of East Jerusalem and its annexation to Israeli sovereignty, He had confiscated large areas of the city for the benefit of major settlement blocs. besieged the natural expansion of Jerusalemites, New realities were created within spatial space.


This means that the settlement of the territories of East Jerusalem based on today’s realities (2018-2025), Not based on what it was on the eve of the occupation (1967), It will not only prove the colonial changes in East Jerusalem, But it will also go ahead with stealing more land suddenly and under “legal” pretexts. In an effort to prepare the international community to accept “united Jerusalem” as the capital of the occupying power. It is important to note the following:


• This project coincides with the announcement of the approval of the Zionist government to build thousands of housing units in East Jerusalem and its Palestinian surroundings.


• The decision of the Zionist government to force the ministries to move some of their headquarters to East Jerusalem.
• The Knesset adopted a resolution approving the compulsory teaching of courses on the Temple for school students, partially implemented inside Al-Aqsa Mosque and under the protection of the police.


• The settlement plan is expected to give the Israeli government control over 40-30% of the land east of Jerusalem permanently. Therefore, The land settlement project is a prelude to the “practical” annexation of Israeli sovereignty by East Jerusalem. This requires attention to the danger of this project to the city of Jerusalem. and warn against it, and mobilize all energies, popularly, nationally, naked and internationally, to repel, confront and thwart it by all available means, Before it’s too late.

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