Return to origin

Return to origin

Azzam Tawfiq Abu Saud


On the night of the birth of Jesus, And before midnight, And in order not to continue lamenting our luck, And lamenting what our situation has become We must have a new vision, and deeper thinking, And farther in farsightedness… A vision that takes us out of the maze we are in. A maze that brought us to a dark political situation, And to a complete inability to move, And to tie our destiny to orders or instructions that come to us from outside ourselves, Or impose on us an imposition …
On Christmas Eve we must look for a new birth for ourselves. And through a new way begins Not from where we ended up … But from where the beginning should be … Even if the step is late… But of course it would be better than staying in the dark vestibule that we entered with our feet.



The beginning, of course, will not be to re-call for legislative or presidential elections, as most people in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip demand. But the beginning must be from the beginning. The origin that we clung to to fight for the restoration of our stolen rights. The origin is, of course, the Palestine Liberation Organization, It is not the Palestinian Authority , which we considered an arm of the PLO and not an alternative to it.


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The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO ) was established by the Arabs by a decision of their summit in 1964, Ahmed Al-Shuqairi was tasked at that time with forming it and its institutions. This started with the formation of a Palestinian National Council. Its members were chosen at that time by choice and not by elections…


The selection of the first members of this Council was subject to personal discretion, And an attempt to include in its membership Palestinian personalities, some of whom represent national or religious parties, And some of them are representatives of the Palestinians in Jordan at the time, And from the Gaza Strip and some of the Palestinian personalities residing in Lebanon, Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and other countries of the world… And through time.
Most of those selected in the first council died, Other people were chosen instead of them by appointment always …. Appointment is always subject to special considerations, Popular election has never been the means of reaching membership in the National Assembly. Rather, it was the principle of representation of persons chosen by their organizations, Or they can be called independents. But the Palestinian people have not always exercised their right to elect members of the National Council. It is the pinnacle of Palestinian representation.



The National Council is in fact the parliament of Palestinians wherever they are. A central council and an executive committee with a chairman shall run the affairs of the PLO and its institutions.
Accordingly … When we think about fixing our situation that has deteriorated… We must have a starting point. Starting point from the PLO, and to make the PLO follow a democratic path based on elections, Elections for the Palestinian National Council. To be truly representative of the Palestinians wherever they are. Elections for the Palestinian National Council, which represents all Palestinians wherever they are. in the bank, strip and interior, In the refugee camps in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. And in Palestine the Diaspora and the alienation And not the PLC, which only represents the residents of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, who make up only one third of the Palestinians!



Yes.. On Christmas Eve. This spiritual night. We must think about holding elections in which all Palestinians, wherever they are, exercise their right to choose their representatives. And his right to choose his leaders. This is through comprehensive elections for the Palestinian National Council in which all Palestinians practice wherever they are. Their right to choose their representatives in the Palestinian National Council!!



The question is… How is that possible?.. It’s very difficult. But the technology of the age has created the solution … Elections through electronic voting. Yes through electronic voting. We have Palestinian and Arab minds who can solve all problems and overcome all obstacles related to electronic voting.



The second question asked: Can the Palestinian Central Elections Commission carry out the task of implementing elections for Palestinians wherever they are? .. Of course, the Palestinians are present in maybe 140 countries in the world or more. Does the system of the election commission not allow it to move outside the areas of authority? Do we need to amend its statutes so that it can supervise these elections? Will the factions and men in power object to this? Or do they really want reform? Reform is from the beginning and the top first. until the reform continues after that descending …



This is an invitation to serious reflection, And for a serious discussion, And for an initiative that must be adopted by the Palestinian youth generation. To get rid of us first. We are the elderly. And let them lead from where they should start. No, from where we left off, we who are outdated and have become stagnation and helpless. Is there an answer?!



every year and everyone is fine,
With wishes for a new year in which we restore hope to a new generation better than ours!!

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