Fifth of Rajab:

Fifth of Rajab:


It happened on this day,,


* Year 15 AH / August 636 AD The outbreak of the Battle of Yarmouk between the Muslims led by Khalid ibn al-Walid and the Roman masses in the Yarmouk Valley.


* In the year 92 AH / April 711 AD, Tariq bin Ziyad descended to Andalusia after crossing the Mediterranean Sea to invade it after an agreement with Julian ruler of Ceuta.


* Year 440 AH / December 1048 AD The death of Abu al-Rayhan Muhammad bin Ahmed al-Biruni, Which has been described as one of the greatest disobedience known to Islamic culture throughout its history, He excelled in physics, geography, languages, natural sciences, mathematics and philosophy, He has compiled more than 120 books in various sciences.


* Year 1367 AH / May 1948 AD Declaration of martial law in Egypt due to the Palestine war.


* Year 1427 AH / July 2007 AD The Zionist occupation state bombards the Lebanese town of Qana, The shelling killed some 55 children and women during the war on Lebanon.


* Year 1441 AH / February 2020 AD The death of the well-known Egyptian Islamic thinker Muhammad Emara at the age of 89 years, He is considered one of the most prominent Islamic thinkers and preachers in the 15th century AH, 20 AD, He is the author of about 240 books, including “The Marxist Interpretation of Islam”, “Milestones of the Islamic curriculum, “Our modern renaissance between secularism and Islam”, “The New Raid on Islam”, “Responding to the suspicions of the laity” He also investigated a collection of ancient and modern books.


Prepared by/a. Mohamed Hamdi Maddokh

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