Fourth of Rajab:

Fourth of Rajab:


It happened on the fourth of Rajab,,


* Year 12 AH / September 633 AD: Muslims led by Khalid ibn al-Walid conquer the city of Anbar in Iraq.


* Year 692 AH / June 1293 AD: The death of the historian and writer Muhyi al-Din Abdullah bin Rashid al-Din bin Abdul Zahir – Known as Ibn Abd al-Zahir, Born in Cairo, The Construction Bureau undertook over, He left several important books in the history of Egypt, Of which: Al-Rawd Al-Zahir in the biography of King Al-Zahir – And honoring the days and eras with the biography of King Al-Mansur.


* Year 948 AH / October 1541 AD: The Ottomans achieve a brilliant victory over the Spanish and European Christians who attacked Algeria with huge forces, More than 20,000 crusaders were killed in the battle of Algiers. The Ottomans captured about 130 crusader ships, It was not until 1830 that no crusader power contemplated conquering Algeria that any crusader power contemplated conquering Algeria.


* Year 987 AH / August 1579 AD: The Ottoman Empire establishes the “Khazar Admiralty”, Its first prince was Muhammad Bey. This admiralty ended because Dagestan and Shirwan of Azerbaijan were transferred to the Safavid possession.


* Year 1106 AH / February 1695 AD: The Ottoman fleet engages the Venetian fleet in a naval battle near the Quiyun Islands, During which 9 Venetian ships sank without any Ottoman ships.
الرابع من رجب:
*سنة1334هــ/مايو1916م: القائد العام للجيش الرابع العثماني "أحمد جمال باشا" الملقب بـ "السفاح" يعدم 21 وطنيًّا في بيروت ودمشق. ومارس "جمال باشا" سياسة قمعية ضد الوطنيين الشوام، وكان من أقطاب جمعية الاتحاد والترقي.
* Year 1400 AH / May 1980 AD: China launches its first intercontinental missile, These missiles can carry nuclear warheads and are possessed by about 25 countries in the world. These missiles have been used in 6 regional wars since 1980. U.S. intelligence reports indicate that these missiles can reach U.S. territory.
* In 1411 AH / January 1991 AD, Iraq fired a Scud missile at the state of the Zionist entity, causing 15 casualties during the Second Gulf War.
Prepared by/a. Mohamed Hamdi Maddokh

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