Dimensions of the Russian-Ukrainian problem

Dimensions of the Russian-Ukrainian problem


By Ebtisam Ibrahim Khalil


Writer and researcher in international relations


Russia has imposed itself as a superpower, And trying to control strategic sites in order to use them for Russian expansions in more than one direction, And to realize Russia’s dream of building an empire through full control of Crimea and then Ukrainian territory, This has not appealed to European and American countries for a long time, as they try to restrict Russian moves and prevent them from expanding. But at the crossroads there are agreements with Russia, When a third party from the Islamic world wants to control and expand, international balances between the two parties to the conflict intervene to end a third party, which is the main target. As happened in the First and Second World Wars.



The battle in the modern era is an economic battle and the expansion of influence, These are prerequisites for this matter from the sea windows a strategic task to control free trade and expand ambitions in studied scientific ways, But the global conspiracy against Muslim countries is not far from Israel’s strategy, as it pushes Russia and China to expand to create a new soft balance away from wars. And trying to use the Chinese economy and Russian power to control the most important ports, which is Ukraine, which effectively separates Russia, Turkey and European countries with the importance and strategy of Crimea and the Kerch Strait overlooking the Black Sea, Crimea is the key to Russian-Chinese ambitions and motivated by world Zionism.



Russia’s entry into and control of Ukraine or parts of it has political repercussions on the Islamic region because of its important strategic location. Russia’s quest to dominate and restore its prestige over the world through:



  1. Restore Russian control as an active colonial state in the international community through its control of Ukraine and Crimea.
  2. Develop an economic scheme with other superpowers to form an alliance that can control the world economy (China).
  3. Building a global alliance that controls all sea ports where interests converge on them, and this is what has been read in the Israeli ambitions to control the ports in the Mediterranean.
No matter what happens, There is an effort to create a new international balance (China, Russia, Iran and Israel) in which the roles are integrated to build a system that controls all ports and controls the economy through China.


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Ukraine’s border with Turkey scares the West because it is located on two main axes:


  1. The eastern axis belongs to Russia
  2. And the Western axis is subordinate to the West and America
This means blocking the way for Turkey to expand its agreements with Ukraine, and so that Turkey is not strengthened by a strategic state and its presence in the Turkish alliance tipped the international scales in Turkey’s favor.
The strategy of the new Islamic axis towards Ukraine:


  1. Unification of the Ukrainian territory and the formation of an independent country with the unification of existing multiculturalism, And conclude internal agreements with different directions and unite views on Ukraine as a single and sovereign state separate from other countries while maintaining relations with others.
  2. Neutralizing the colonial countries from the Ukrainian decision by the emergence of another country such as Turkey in maintaining the territorial integrity in agreement with the colonial countries and agreeing to conclude many agreements to maintain Ukrainian-Russian, European and American relations
  3. Ukraine is an important strategic country whose relations must be maintained in order to be a path for Turkish expansion in the West and the East economically and culturally.
  4. Ukraine must be sovereign and independent by its decision away from Russian and European influence.
  5. The formation of a Supreme Council of all trends and religions in Ukraine with the support of Turkey to help them unite and avoid division, which Russia exploits on the one hand and America and Europe on the other
  6. Opening a line with the Tatars through Turkey’s friends or (Turkish intelligence indirectly) in order to control the decision in Crimea and not to establish Russia’s right to it.
  7. He concluded many agreements with organizations and institutions in Crimea.
  8. The establishment of several economic projects between Crimea and Ukraine to link Crimea to the latter with the direct support of the Alliance of Modern Islamic States.
  9. Striking US-Soviet relations in Ukraine and singling out the Turkish decision through Ukrainian-Turkish agreements
  10. The entry of some countries supportingTurkey in concluding agreements with Ukraine, especially economic and military
  11. The entry of the Turkish axis strongly without consulting any of Russia, America and the fait accompli industry through the work of a military parade in the Black Sea from Turkey, Ukraine and some friendly countries with the latest weapons to subject the Soviet decision to Ukraine and waving on the island of Crimea with attention not to be drawn into a war because it will inevitably lead to the war of the great powers, With the observation of an arrangement between Crimea and Ukraine (drawing up a military cooperation agreement).
  12. Work on the overlap of the interests of the Turkish and Ukrainian peoples economically, politically and security to form a common system in security and military cooperation between the two countries and promote future understanding.
  13. Fight against all forms of non-integration of Ukraine in Western countries and work to freeze interests that harm Ukraine’s security and prevent it from becoming independent in decision-making.

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