Who manages Jewish property?

Who manages Jewish property?

The Promise of the Hereafter Series (2)

Dr. Essam Adwan

The video presents ideas, about who manages Jewish property, Maybe it comes up for the first time. They are strategic visions of a forward-looking nature. The author of this vision believes that we are long behind in taking measures to liberate Palestine. And that the rest of the time, It may not accommodate all of them, But starting them quickly may achieve the minimum required.
No one has provided a vision of how land would be distributed to returnees to Palestine during liberation; Displaced Arab villages, and strategic facilities have been built on family land, is it enough to talk about refugees recovering their homes and properties? Is it permissible to dismantle strategic installations, such as power plants, airports, ports, wastewater treatment plants, trans-Palestinian roads, etc., in order to recover the returnees’ land and property?


Who manages Jewish property?


A question for those who dream of return and liberation, along with many issues that will be the subject of great problems once the occupiers are defeated and leave the country, There must be strategic planning to develop a clear vision to solve all these problems now. Before the officials got busy in Editing proceduresAnd the next liberation battle; then no one will be able to develop strategies, no solutions, because everyone is engaged in the decisive battle. It is good thinking to examine all the issues of the temporary status immediately following liberation, to develop a clear conception and plan for everything, leaving nothing or property for chance or improvisation.


Early Statistics:


All Jewish property and resources of occupied Palestine must be counted: Educational, health and housing resources, energy sources, and arms resources, monetary resources, telecommunication resources, Transportation and transportation, and others. A vision must be developed on how to preserve these properties and resources on the one hand during the liberation battle. And how to operate it to benefit from it in battle and after it on the other hand.


Palestine Liberation Committee:


It seems from the context that it is complicated, It needs a representative sovereign body to lead the liberation process and determine who administers Jewish property. which is originally the property of the Palestinian Arabs, which was robbed by the Zionist occupation over the decades of occupation. Thus, This body will manage everything, From now on, Until the political stability of Palestine after liberation.


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