Today’s post7/3/2020

Today’s post Dr. Essam

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Why doesn’t the enemy reckon with the resistance response when it kills three fishermen in the Gaza Sea?!
Shouldn’t the resistance maintain a policy of deterrence so that we don’t lose more in the coming days?
Shouldn’t President Mahmoud Abbas complain to the Security Council? So that we do not die silently?!
D. Essam Adwan

In each round, Dr. Essam is posted today from the military confrontation, attention is drawn to the Palestinian resistance factions. To surprise observers and those interested in military tactics, new patterns and creative capabilities that enable the resistance factions to match the deterrence force with the occupation army. It has left its leaders, political and military institutions and security services in a state of anxiety, fear and confusion that exceeds the damage and destruction caused by the military confrontation. The first characteristic of this new military confrontation is the state of anticipation and waiting for a response. And to know what the resistance factions have in store in the coming hours and perhaps in the coming days, In response to the treacherous attacks that resulted in the death of 13 Palestinians, including 4 children, 4 women and 3 leaders of the Al-Quds Brigades, They: Jihad Shaker Al-Ghannam, Khalil Salah Al-Bahtini and Tariq Muhammad Ezz El-Din, Accompanied by their wives and a number of family members.

Today’s blog post by Dr. Essam indicates that the resistance factions will respond to systematic crimes and violations against the Palestinian people. It may be preparing for a strong attack and it does not have to be from the Gaza Strip, Several fronts can be opened at the same time. The Israeli occupation army fears the launching of missiles and drones from several fronts. and launching cyberattacks on Israeli infrastructure systems, Such as power stations, computing, telecommunications, roads, water, As happened in the past days and weeks, This would mean paralysis in the occupying Power’s facilities.

The Al-Quds Brigades announced its responsibility for this jihadist operation, to emphasize that it comes within the framework of responding to the continuous Zionist aggression against our people in Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, the latest of which was the assassination of 4 of our people in the occupied West Bank and 3 of the Mujahideen of the Al-Quds Brigades east of Khan Yunis, and confirms that its response will be the size of the Zionist violations if they continue.

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