The world’s trend towards digitization

Today, the world is turning to the digitization of education, digital governments and digital archives. And many services provided by the Internet in the service of the skin.


How can the Arab nation benefit from reviving the call for Arab unity? which will remain a popular and elite Arab demand throughout the days, Because of its harmony with the Arab spirit that flows in the body of the nation.


The World Wide Web opens a wide door for the Arab peoples for rapprochement. Arab self-affirmation, and strengthening the common Arab concern.
How can this be achieved?


How do Arab people transcend online what their governments have not gone beyond on the ground?
What is the nature and form of popular discourse that should be circulated online to promote Arab rapprochement and unity?


How do research, studies and culture sites contribute to spreading Arab culture and bridging the gap between the components of the nation?


What role do you think the Orient Center for Research and Culture can play in the field of Arab unity?

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