The twenty-sixth of Jumada al-Akhira:

The twenty-sixth of Jumada al-Akhira:

It happened on this day,,

* Year 1338 AH / March 1920 AD: The entry of coalition forces into the capital of the Ottoman Caliphate (Istanbul) after World War I, This presence was strengthened after the emergence of Turkish resistance movements aimed at eliminating foreign occupation.

* The year 1349 AH / November 1930 AD The British House of Commons witnesses a debate on Palestine regarding the way in which the government exercises its mandate over it.

* Year 1365 AH / May 1946 AD: The First Arab Summit Conference was held in Egypt under the chairmanship of King Farouk, and adopted several decisions, One of the most important was to adhere to the independence of Palestine and to emphasize its Arabism. Since that conference, the question of Palestine has been the main driver of Arab summits.

* Year 1408 AH / February 1980 AD The Soviet Union leaves Afghanistan after great resistance and jihad that lasted more than 8 years, The Soviets suffered more than 13,000 deaths. and losses estimated at billions of dollars. As for the Afghans, about a million people were killed, Another five million were displaced.

* Year 1411 AH / January 1991 AD The US Congress votes on the resolution to fight Iraq in order to liberate the State of Kuwait.

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