The nineteenth of Rajab:

The nineteenth of Rajab:

It happened on this day,,

* Year 218 AH / August 833 AD: The death of Caliph Al-Ma’mun bin Harun Al-Rashid, The seventh caliph in the series of caliphs of the Abbasid state.

* In 490 AH / July 1097 AD, the “Battle of Dhurilium” occurred between the Crusaders led by Bohemond I and the Seljuks led by Qalj Arslan I.

* Year 618 AH / September 1221 AD The Muslim army entered the city of Damietta after the evacuation of the Crusaders from it, And the failure of their Fifth Crusade against Egypt, It was led by Hanna de Brien.

* Year 1270 AH / April 1854 AD: The Ottomans led by Omar Pasha defeat the Russians in the Battle of Qalavat in Romania, The Russians chase a distance of 80 km.

* Year 1294 AH / July 1877 AD: The Ottomans triumph over the Russians in the Second Battle of Ballouneh in the Balkans, In this battle, the Russians lost more than 7,300 dead.

* In 1375 AH / March 1956 AD, the Arabization of the Jordanian army, the expulsion of Globe Pasha from Jordan, and the abolition of the Jordanian/British treaty.

* Year 1377 AH / February 1958 AD: The French occupation forces commit a massacre known as Sakiet Youssef against Algerian citizens, killing seventy people.

* Year 1380 AH / January 1960 AD: The foundation stone for the construction of the Aswan High Dam was laid in the presence of Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser.

* Year 1440 AH / March 2019 AD US President Donald Trump signs a presidential decree according to which the United States recognizes that the Golan Heights is part of Israel. Amid objection by the United Nations and Arab countries.
Prepared by/a. Mohamed Hamdi Maddokh

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