The first from Rajab:

The first from Rajab:

It happened on this day,,


* Year 2 AH Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, sends the companion Abdullah bin Jahsh at the head of 12 companions of immigrants in the secret of Nakhla.


* Year 463 AH / April 1071 AD: The death of Abu al-Walid Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Ahmed, known as “Ibn Zaydun”, the great Andalusian poet He was born and raised in Córdoba, He took over the ministry more than once, He has a collection of poetry, and literary letters.


* In 491 AH / June 1098 AD the city of Antioch was occupied by the Crusaders during the First Crusade.


* Year 1207 AH / February 1793 AD: Ottoman Sultan Selim III issues a royal decree adopting the system of renewal movement within the Ottoman Empire, After the decline and deficit that hit the state and made it lag behind its European counterparts.


* Year 1340 AH / February 1922 AD: Britain announces the end of the protectorate over Egypt and the recognition of its independence, But with reservations about securing transportation, defense, protecting foreigners and the future of Sudan.


* In 1400 AH / May 1980 AD, the state of the Zionist entity declares that Jerusalem is its capital forever.


* In 1411 AH / January 1991 AD, the deadline given by the United Nations to Iraq to withdraw its forces from Kuwait and start the Second Gulf War against Iraq expired.


* Year 1430 AH / June 2009 AD The Zionist authorities release the Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Aziz Dweik, after three years of detention.


* Year 1437 AH / April 2016 AD Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announce the agreement to implement a land bridge linking Egypt and Saudi Arabia through the Red Sea.


Prepared by/a. Mohamed Hamdi Maddokh

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