The fifth of Sha’ban:

The fifth of Sha’ban:

It happened on this day,,

* Year 311 AH / November 923 AD The death of the great scholar Abu Bakr Muhammad bin Zakariya al-Razi The father of Arab medicine, And one of the great pioneers in Arab culture and civilization, His great achievements included various branches besides medicine, natural sciences and chemistry.
* Year 646 AH / November 1248 AD The city of Seville, the largest Andalusian metropolis, falls to the King of the Kingdom of Castile, Fernando III.
* In 907 AH / February 1502 CE, the Spanish begin a campaign to Christianize all Muslims in Granada after the collapse of the Islamic state in Andalusia.
* In 1247 AH / January 1832 AD, the school of “Jarrah Khana Amera” or “College of Surgery” was established during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Mahmud II to graduate surgeons.

Continued on the fifth of Sha’ban:

* Year 1334 AH / June 1916 AD Sharif Hussein declares himself king of the Hijaz and separates from the Ottoman Empire, After the British promised him to install him as king of the Arabs, In the event of declaring his revolution against the Ottomans
* In 1368 AH / June 1949 AD the death of the famous Lebanese Arab poet Khalil Mutran, who was well versed in Arabic and French literature, and has 1058 poems, and translated some of the works of the English writer “Shakespeare”.
* Year 1368 AH / June 1949 AD the evacuation of Italians from Libya, and the Cyrenaica Declaration of Independence.
* In 1376 AH / March 1957 AD, the Zionist Ministry of Interior issues an order published in Al-Quds newspaper according to which the area surrounding the wall of the Old City of Jerusalem is considered a public park. This includes the tombs of mercy and the gate of the tribes.
* Year 14019 AH / November 1998 Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat inaugurates Gaza International Airport, And the first passenger plane to arrive from Egypt.
* Year 1422 AH / October 2001 AD The Zionist occupation state assassinated the commander of the Qassam Brigades in Nablus, Ayman Halawa, after booby-trapping the car he was traveling in.


Prepared by/a. Mohamed Hamdi Maddokh

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