Seventeenth of Rajab:

Seventeenth of Rajab:


It happened on this day,,

* Year 924 AH / July 1518 AD: Ottoman Sultan Selim I returns to Istanbul after his two-year and two-month military campaign, during which he conquered Egypt, the Levant and the Hijaz. This campaign is the longest in Ottoman history.
* Year 1256 AH / September 1840 AD: The Ottoman army meets with the fleets of England and France on the coasts of Beirut, And they manage to defeat the Egyptian army commander Ibrahim Pasha, After the adoption by the European countries of the Treaty of London on 15/7/1840, Which provides for the evacuation of the governor of Egypt, Muhammad Ali Pasha, to the Levant.
* Year 1340 AH / March 1922 AD Declaration of Independence of Egypt by virtue of the declaration of February 28 issued by Britain.
* Year 1358 AH / September 1939 AD: The outbreak of World War II after German forces invade Poland, The world was divided into two warring camps, Are: Axis: It includes Germany, Italy and Japan, And the allies: Britain, France and the United States are at the forefront, It lasted 6 years, It ended with the victory of the Allies and the surrender of the Axis powers.
* Year 1372 AH / April 1953 AD: The death of the great Syrian writer Muhammad Kurd Ali, One of the flags of the Renaissance in Syria, President of the Arab Scientific Academy in Damascus, And the author of well-known literary and intellectual works.

I also read in the events of the seventeenth of Rajab:

* Year 1387 AH / October 1967 AD: The Egyptian navy succeeded in sinking the Zionist destroyer Eilat following Egypt’s defeat in the Battle of June 1967.
* Year 1424 AH / October 2002 AD: Chechen gunmen take about 800 hostages, At the Moscow Theater, Threatening to blow up the building if Russia does not end the war in Chechnya, It withdraws its forces from Chechen territory, The operation ended with Russian forces storming the theater and 119 hostages dead.
* Year 1414 AH / December 1993 AD: The Vatican recognizes the state of the Zionist entity after years of acquitting the Jews of the blood of Christ. At the Second Vatican Council in 1965. Christian churches condemned Jews at every Sunday Mass as the murderers of Jesus.
* Year 1426 AH / August 2005 AD: Evacuation of Netzarim, the last Jewish rapist in the Gaza Strip after nearly 4 decades of Zionist occupation. This settlement divided the Gaza Strip into two parts.


Prepared by/a. Mohamed Hamdi Maddokh

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