Saturday, 3rd – October – 2020

The bull fled from the cowshed, Taurus fled, So the calves revolted in the barn, Weeping the escape of the marcher leader, and formed on the impact, Court and Conference, He said: It is destined And saying: He disbelieved and said: To Sakr, And some of them said give him one last chance, Perhaps he will return to the fold; and at the conclusion of the conference, They shared his stall, And they froze his hair and after a year there was an exciting accident the bull did not return But the barn went after him#أحمد_مطر #السودان #مصر #الإمارات #البحرين #الأردن #منظمة_التحرير_الفلسطينية #التطبيع_خيانة

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