Our dear ones The Palestinian refugees and the framework agreement

Our dear ones The Palestinian refugees and the framework agreement

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To write: Emad Afaneh
The Palestinian people reject the framework agreement between the United States of America and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA). Because it is clearly an attempt to replace the Agency’s mandate established by United Nations General Assembly Resolution 302, The United States, which has set political conditions allowing it to interfere with the work of UNRWA contrary to the charters of the United Nations itself, The agreement transforms UNRWA into a reporting department and a security destination with the US administration. It works to neutralize UNRWA staff and contractors from the Palestinian cause, As well as threatening refugees from blocking the continuation of aid.


UNRWA is an international institution whose function is to provide services to Palestinian refugees until they return to their homes from which they were expelled. Thus, it represents a political title for the right of return of refugees and self-determination of the Palestinian people, The international community therefore has a responsibility to assist them to support their survival and continued operation and to continue to provide services to refugees in their five areas of operation. Especially in light of the extremely difficult circumstances that the Palestinian people are going through.


It goes without saying that UNRWA is a UN institution with a relief function with a political reference, the United Nations. Therefore, the United States targeting aid provided to Palestinian refugees and linking it to security requirements, It is practically targeting the refugee issue and a threat aimed at undermining UNRWA and liquidating it as a political title, The framework agreement redefines a refugee according to Zionist specifications.



UNRWA argues that it has resorted to signing the framework agreement with the United States as a condition for resuming its annual budget support of about US$ 360 million. with the great financial deficit that its budget suffers, However, it seems that UNRWA Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini missed that the solution does not lie in signing agreements that threaten UNRWA’s political authority and condition its relief status on security requirements. Rather, the solution lies in two directions:

Follow in our loved ones the obligation Palestinian refugees and the framework agreement

First of all: to seek other sources of coverage for the fiscal deficit, UNRWA succeeded in achieving a budget surplus when it resorted to this option. When Trump decided to withhold the entire amount with which UNRWA was supported annually.
Second, to include the UNRWA budget in the general budget of the United Nations, And exempt it from the attempt of some countries to blackmail it, as America did.
One rich country is easily able to secure UNRWA’s budget of less than one and a half billion dollars a year only. I do not think that there is any objection on the part of the rich countries to do so other than their dependence on the veto and the American decisions. aimed at keeping the refugees and the Palestinian people in a state of need, vulnerability and need, To facilitate the passage of its policies and conditions and the imposition of its will that meets the needs of the Zionist enemy.


Therefore, it seems that the cause and the Palestinian people will not be liberated from the American tutelage and its conditions that meet the needs of the Zionist enemy. Until the Arab states themselves are liberated from American tutelage and domination.
It’s not just the Palestinian people who are refugees. Palestine is not the only occupied, Rather, the entire Arab world became occupied when it was divided and its function was determined by the Sykes-Picot Agreement, But in different forms.

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