Liberation of Jerusalem

Liberation of Jerusalem

(And let them enter the mosque as they entered it for the first time)


By / Dr. Nasr Fahajan


The second task of the servants sent by God Almighty in the promise of the Hereafter, After insulting the faces of the Jews, It is the liberation of Jerusalem from the second and final corruption of the Israelites: (Let them enter the mosque as they entered it the first time.)



Here I can stop at two things:


First of all: (And to enter the mosque):

What is meant by the mosque here is (Al-Aqsa Mosque) to which the Isra was, And from him was the laureate to the heavens, It is the house of Jerusalem, and the centrality of purity, and it is the one in which God blessed and around it, so Palestine was the blessed land, and it is the land in which the children of Israel were corrupted twice, and they rose greatly.


This sanctity was taken from the sanctity and purity of Al-Aqsa Mosque, Rather, the city of Jerusalem was called Jerusalem – as in the authentic hadiths – because of the presence of the House of God (Al-Aqsa Mosque) in it. It has acquired this sanctity and has become a home of holiness and purity, It is the mosque.


– Abu al-Faraj ibn al-Jawzi says in Zad al-Masir: (And let them enter the mosque) means Jerusalem.


– Al-Baghawi says in the milestones of the download: (And let them enter the mosque) i.e. Jerusalem and its environs.


– Ibn Ajiba al-Hasani and al-Samarqandi also said, And Abu Bakr Al-Jazaeri, And Alzuhaili, and others.
Rather, those entering the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Holy City (Bayt al-Maqdis) will enter. The entry of the liberated conquerors, Let them announce the fall of Israeli corruption in all the blessed land (Palestine), God willing.


As if I see them now, And I hear them shouting, As the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) shouted when he entered Mecca as a victorious conqueror: (And say, the truth came, and the falsehood was lost, that falsehood was asceticism.)


Secondly: (As they first entered it):



The verse describes the form of this entry to Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the Holy City (Jerusalem), It’s not just an entry, Rather, it is an entry like the first entry into the first corruption: (They also entered it the first time.)
And the letter of Kaf in the saying of the Almighty: (as they entered it the first time) made us recall the form, method, and results of the first entry, They are two similar images.


Tahir ibn Ashour says: (And entering the mosque entering an invasion with the presumption of analogy in the Almighty’s saying: (as they entered it the first time) is intended for: They spied through the house.
Here we ask: How was the first time entering?

Continue the liberation of Jerusalem

Allah says: (If a promise comes first, we send you servants to us, first of all, very strongly, so they spied through the homeland, and it was a promise that was effective), Let’s reflect on the verse again to look at some meanings and signs, We can infer how to enter the mosque the first time:


First signal: (We sent you):


We find in the word (on you) the meaning of superiority, dominance, acquisition, oppression and control, As in the words of the Almighty: (Enter the door on them, and if you enter it, you will prevail), They are servants of God sent over the children of Israel, and not envoys to the children of Israel, or to the children of Israel, This suggests that the entry was possession and control, and predominance and control, It is the same that will be in the second entry, God willing.


Second signal: (Our servants):


The Qur’anic expression is very accurate, To convey to us the meaning intended by God Almighty without ambiguity or ambiguity, These are servants of God commanded by God Almighty, And they are one of his soldiers, They carry out his judgment, and fulfill his promise, There is no place for hesitation, or fear, Or retreat in the implementation of God’s command to eliminate the corruption of the children of Israel in the blessed land (Palestine).


Third signal: (Ollie is very strong):

They are strong and powerful servants of God, They possess the courage, boldness and audacity to be worthy of being entrusted with the task of destroying the great height of the Israelites in their first corruption. There is no fear to detain them, And no hesitation prevents their progress, They rush like lions towards their mission and goals.


The entry must have been a strong entry from a strong, strong people, He could not push them back or return them to the Israelites, despite their great superiority, This is one of the great signs of Allah that the servants of Allah will triumph with great strength over the children of Israel with courage and courage. Not with advanced weapons, Thus, it is realized that the few can defeat the large category, God willing.


It is the same as what will happen in the second entry to Jerusalem, God willing, So it will be a declaration of conquest and editing, and the demise of Israel.


Fourth signal: (So they spied through the house):


The Jos has the meaning of frequency back and forth, For the purpose of inspection, examination and investigation, Rather, this jos happens from those who are very desperate as they enter the Holy City, They search through the land for those hiding from the Israelites, to kill them, or their families, or punished, Or expel them.


They were not content with fighting those who fought them, Rather, they roamed between homes and alleys, Houses and streets, In search of all men and women who belong to the Jewish state, lest they have hope of remaining in the blessed land, They will be corrupted again.


We can therefore imagine what it was like to enter the first time, We know that it was a violent and powerful entry, There is superiority, control, killing, and captivity, And the same will happen in the promise of the hereafter, And God will send upon the Jews servants of Him, strong and strong, first with great power, They will enter the Holy City as they first entered it (and enter the mosque as they first entered it), And they will joseon through the house as they spied the first time, They will kill, curse and capture as they did the first time, God willing.


It is known that those who entered the holy city for the first time were the Babylonians led by King Nebuchadnezzar, And they eliminated the corruption of the Israelites, And their great height in the year 586 BC. M.


And do not lose sight of us that the Babylonians are Arab tribes that migrated from the Arabian Peninsula, and settled in Iraq, Then they spread in the Levant as well, It is likely that the fierce servants sent to the children of Israel in the present promise of the hereafter are Arabs. And of Arab origin, And at the same time they are now Muslims, They follow Islam in their lives, and their resistance, And they fight disbelief in all its forms, They challenge the forces of infidelity that have supported and supported Israel since its establishment. They are the men of the Palestinian resistance who will enter Jerusalem as conquerors and liberators soon, God willing, Then the believers will rejoice in God’s victory.

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