Jerusalem sets the tempo

Jerusalem sets the tempo

By Counselor / Osama Saad

Jerusalem shines in the nights of Ramadan, It redraws its Arab and Islamic painting in its streets, alleys, mosques and churches, Between Taraweeh prayers and confronting the occupier, its painting becomes more beautiful and brighter, The dust of Judaization, which has been rising for seventy years, fails to obscure the splendor of its Arab and Islamic colors.


In Bab al-Amud, the youth of Jerusalem chant the name of the leader of the resistance, chase outsiders in the streets, and confront the barbaric occupation force with their voices, arms and stones. The brightness of the city increases despite the night, which is fragrant in its atmosphere with the fragrance of Ramadan, Taraweeh prayers at Al-Aqsa Mosque add a touch of faith to the face of the rebellious city, The revolutionary mix of Ramadan is formed in the best suits.


Jerusalem is advancing and repelling aggression, as it has always done since the Buraq revolution, through the Qassam revolution, the first intifada, the tunnel gift, confronting Sharon, the start of the second intifada, and the battle of the gates. Today, it is confronting the enemy in the battle of Bab al-Amud.


Jerusalem began the battle, Nablus, Bethlehem, Hebron, Gaza, Khan Younis and Rafah are waiting. As well as Haifa, Jaffa and Nazareth, Jerusalem is waiting for all of Palestine to paint the whole picture of Palestine from its sea to its river in the color of Arabism and Islam, It brings back its first biography, which history will not forget and will not be absent from geography, no matter how intense they intensify the fog of Judaization and the dust of settlement, as the sun of Palestine rises to dispel everything that obscures its beauty and splendor.


Jerusalem is proud today of its sons as they chase the monsters of settlement in its streets, As if Jerusalem is regaining its memory absent since 1948, Tamim says to her children: In Jerusalem there is someone in Jerusalem, but I see only you in Jerusalem.


Yes, Jerusalem is smaller, more despicable and less than the Palestinian, Jerusalem recognizes him only as a righteous and dear son. He redeem it, protect it, kill it and bury it in its holy soil, He instructs his children and grandchildren to defend it and preserve its sanctities. This covenant remains alive in the people of the city, passed down from generation to generation.


No one could have imagined in the midst of the talk about the occupation preventing elections in Jerusalem. And how to confront this decision in Palestine, and the controversy surrounding whether to postpone or go ahead with the elections, that Jerusalem cuts off the words of the preachers by saying the chapter, and announces that it will defend its Arabism itself, and will confirm its Palestinian with the arms of its youth, and Jerusalem has believed, and turned its streets into a clash with the occupier, sending a clear signal picked up by all capitals of the world, that Jerusalem is Arab, and prejudice to its Arabism is a red line, as the statement came on the words of the Jordanian Foreign Minister as an echo of the position of the rebellious youth of Jerusalem.


Follow in Jerusalem set the tempo


The act of resistance on the ground moved the channels of diplomatic action that were activated after inactivity and stagnation, To rectify the situation in the Holy City before the region flares up, Jerusalem has the same place in the hearts of the sons of the nation.


The Jerusalem movement today should not be conducted for the ballot box, as some might think. Jerusalem is making today a bigger event than the issue of elections. Jerusalem today ignites the spark of a revolution that must take effect in all of Palestine to mark the liberation whose time has come and its time has arrived. May the forces of the Palestinian people unite behind this goal, After Jerusalem has united the vision, And defused the dispute, It paved the way for the path of national unity charted by the rebellious youth of Jerusalem.


O Palestinian people, And the Palestinian factions: Do not extinguish the flame of the Jerusalem revolution with differences that have no value in the balance of history, And do not let your differences cause the gift of Jerusalem to fade, And do not repeat the biography of history that is close to letting down the revolutionaries in the form of another betrayal, Jerusalem is tired of being betrayed and is waiting for someone to support its back and strengthen its steadfastness.


In late March 1948, Abdul Qadir al-Husseini met with Arab leaders in the hope of bringing weapons to support the rebels. When he failed, he addressed them, saying, “I am going to Qastal and I will storm it and I will occupy it, even if it leads to my death. By God, I am tired of life and death has become more dear to myself than this treatment that we treated the university, I now wish to die before I see the Jews occupying Palestine. The men of the university and the leadership are betraying Palestine” and indeed Abdul Qadir al-Husseini returned to Palestine and was martyred in Qastal.


We are now in the year 2021 AD and in the month of April, and this time the youth of Jerusalem do not look at the Arabs as much as they look at the people of Palestine. Let us not repeat the ball of history by failing them, Let it be the position of all of us if the Arabs fail Jihad Abdul Qadir Al-Husseini in 1948, Some Arab capitals of normalization seek to fail it today, The people of Palestine today are saying with one voice to Jerusalem.
To you, O Jerusalem.
Gaza on 24/4/2021

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